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Sep 14, 2009 11:27 AM

Headin to Santa Barbara, never been before!

Hey there duders!

Ive lived in LA for 2 years and never been to Santa Barbara! Im heading up for the day tomorrow and am lookin for some good eats and really wanna find a nice little spot for wine tasting and such. Any suggestions/favorites?!

thanks a lot guys! any help would be greatly appreciated, as i have no clue what is up there!!!


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  1. We all end up recommending pretty much the same places so starting with the search button for this board will give you everything we know. There is something almost for everyone so it is always hard to pin down recommendations without more indication of location, preferences, price, ambiance, age, decorum....... you know. Yup, there are plenty of places for wine tasting though you may want to take a wine tour of the Santa Ynez Valley to really do that justice.

    Most of the higher end choices in town feature good wine lists. One of our recurring local favorites is Jade in the more residential San Roque section of Upper State Street, for both food and wine conversations, on a more modest scale than the obvious picks in Restaurant Ground Zero which is the area around the 1100-1300 blocks of State Street and surrounding side streets.

    Take your pick in that area and unlikely you will go wrong with any of them (except Epiphany and Trattoria Vittoria -- IMHO)

    If you are from LA, you might be used to the type of aggressive service at Hungry Cat which has good food, great bar, very nice wine choices and abominable service.

    1. For breakfast, I never miss Andersen's when I'm in SB - except this week when they took their annual vacation. Doh! They'll be back on Sept. 17, however, so I'd recommend a slice of kringle and some meringues to take home for later.

      1. La Arcada Court adjacent to the Art Museum on State Street 1100 block, which exits to the lovely Library and across to the stunningly beautiful Courthouse, is picturesque in itself and had a very nice coffee bar (Jeanines), a very nice French bistro (Petit Valentin) and a new wine tasting place inside the courtyard across from the turtle fountain.

        This is also part of the Ground Zero wining and dining experiences in Santa Barbara between those same 1100-1300 blocks on State Street, that also includes the wonderful Anderson's Bakery also recommended here for breakfasts, or lunch and dinners too. This area is also called the Historic Arts District of Santa Barbara, above Carrillo Street cross street on our very long "downtown" State Street. Above Carrillo is more for the locals. Below is more for the tourists.