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Sep 14, 2009 11:06 AM


New udon shop in midtown east. Supposed to revolutionize the world of udon in new york city. the udon is fresh cut and of the thicker variety. it's prepared in a variety of broths (regular, curry, soy) in hot and cold iterations. They also have a few dons and a tempura bar.

I got the niku udon in hot broth. the udon ha a nice springiness to it, although i prefer a slightly thinner cut. broth was also nice, although, as i've found with udon in general, i guess the broths aren't the focal point as they might be with ramen.

The tempura, when freshly fried, is great, in particular the tiny fried mackerals they have. deliciously, as the fish waws perfectly fried, with a crisp exterior and flaky, firm flesh interior.

overall, i still think udon is one of my least favorite forms of soup noodle, but this is a very good version of it and a nice working lunch that's close by.

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    1. Walked a bit extra today a was rewarded with a spring day delight of cold udon with roe, spring onion oil, yam, and seaweed. The udon had a excellent chewy texture, and the classic combo jumped nicely. The fried sides might have been better if cooked to order - the pumpkin was best and suffered least from prior cooking (this weird practice didn't stop every table from having lots of fried stuff ..... is this how donuts started their cooked in advance fall). The hot udon with broth with tofu was quite fine. We had come to try the spring special Plum Bukkake udon but they only serve this at night.
      I'm not sure that udon dishes are the stuff of crazes but Onya makes a a good bowl hot or cold.

      143 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017