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Sep 14, 2009 10:57 AM

Anyone been to Konkan?

I am thinking about trekking out to Missassauga to try a place called Konkan, which serves Goan food. Has anyone been there? Any observations? Cheers!

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  1. Its not the greatest. I went for lunch a couple times. If you just drop in, the menu is limited to two item which they are able to make that day. (call before going and see what they will make you)

    The butter chicken is good, most others isn't really.

    Their main business is catering, so I'm sure they pay more attention to the food with those types of deals instead of random take outs.

    However, I don't know of or eat at many other goan places

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    1. They're ok, but I would suggest giving them a try since there are several dishes that are not readily available anywhere unless you have Goan or Manglorean friends. I would not buy "typical" indian dishes from them.

      Pork Sorpotel, w/ sannas. A classic combination; Sorpotel is a labour intensive dish that is eaten on special occasions or Christmas time. Using finely diced offal (pork, liver, and beef) are first boiled, then fried, then made into a spicy vinegar based curry. A must try. Sannas are similar to idlys but are made with rice and cocount.

      Goa Sausages w/ pulao. Generally, people make a curry with these sausages, with some potatoes. I don't know how Konkan serves them. But again a must try and if made correctly they could be the best tasting spicy sausages you'll ever eat.

      Vindaloo a dish originating Goa and generally not prepared "authentically" at other indian restaurants - a key ingredient to this dish is coconut vinegar. Pork is the most traditional meat.

      Pathrode Curry. A classic Maglorean dish made from the pathrode plant and served with a coconut curry.