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Sep 14, 2009 10:36 AM

Bottled Water Delivery

Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on bottled water delivery.

I live in the Northeast (NYC and CT shoreline) and have had 5-gallon bottles of water delivered to my door for several years now. The cost of the water is $8.00 per bottle ($1.60 per gallon), and there is a $10.00 bottle deposit. The water is spring water, and not filted water.

I noticed that 1-gallon bottles of spring water at the grocery store are just under $1.00.

I do realize I'm paying a surcharge for convenience, but in a time where every penny counts, should I revert to lugging gallons back from the grocery store to have a few dollars a month?

Do other Chowhounders face this issue?

Thanks in advance for your response!

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  1. Shirley,

    If every penny counts, why are you buying water at all? Spring water is code for city water or well water. I know, I worked in the business for years. Unless your local water just tastes awful, why buy it? And if you need different water, why not a reverse-osmosis under sink water filter? It'll pay for itself quickly compared to your 5-gallon bottle plan or your 1-gallon bottle plan. We have one and love the taste.

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    1. re: DNA481

      I have a water filter that connects to the top of my faucet. It was about $40, my husband installed it, and we replace the filter every so often. The water tastes great, and I could turn the filter off for when I wash dishes.

      1. re: DNA481

        Bottled water has a huge negative environmental impact on the planet. Any time you can avoid it, please do so! My children thank you for it. In the US, tap water quality is regulated by the EPA. Bottled water quality is regulated by the FDA based on EPA's standards for tap water. They are both safe. Agree with DNA - a water filter should address any taste concerns.

        1. re: DNA481

          I agree with DNA481. An under-the-sink reverse osmosis system is the best. The straight filter systems that attach to taps just aren't in the same league. I would recommend one of these for any of the following reasons.

          1) You don't like the flavour of your water.
          2) You use well or lake water that is iffy. (You will need a 6-stage system then)
          3) You keep an aquarium
          4) You ferment things in water or make your own wine-beer
          5) You are paranoid about your tapwater
          6) You get sediment in your water
          7) You have a need for distilled water - an RO is almost as good.

          Apart from the capital outlay the cost is about 10c gallon if you have fairly 'dirty' water.

        2. Whenever I try to save a few pennies on something it backfires.

          This would be my scenario - lugging the bottle home from the grocery I hurt my back and the medical costs would far outweight whatever savings I was hoping for.

          1. i agree with the posters above regarding the environmental problems with buying water in plastic jugs. even reusable bottles have problems - the petroleum to make them, the gas and pollution created by delivery.

            that said - i will not drink unfiltered water. it's just how i was raised. and this ny times article reinforced it:

            what i do is have a number of reusable containers - stainless steel - and a filter on my home tap. i fill up the my containers every morning and take them to work. i can usually gauge how much water i drink - but my neighbor at work has an arrowhead for when i'm wrong. i've found that this is (1) CHEAP! and (2) environmentally friendly.

            good luck with your decision.

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            1. re: dtud

              dtud--Los Angeles, where you live, has excellent tap water Depending upon where you live in the basin, you are getting your water from LA DWP or MWD. You can go to their websites and check the water quality.

              1. re: NVJims

                well, like i said - that's how i was raised. i just can't drink it. rational or not.

                1. re: dtud

                  I can't stand the taste of LA water where I live....I know it is rated high in the nation for excellent tap water but the taste isn't good.
                  I have 5 gallon water jugs delivered from Arrowhead and I drink 3 liters of water a day. I won't, however, use disposable water bottles for personal use which is common in my area. I fill up a stainless steel jug from the 5 gallon bottles. It's the taste that drives me away from the tap. I was raised on fresh, clear mountain water and I'm spoiled.
                  I like the convenience of having it delivered and I don't think I'd give it up, for the few cents difference, to purchase it at the market.

            2. I grew up in the sixties, and if anyone would suggest paying for water would be met with, literally, "What are you smoking?" I did buy a few cases of bottled water recently, it being hurricane season, and I drink bottled water at work all the time.