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Sep 14, 2009 09:53 AM

48th and 3rd Greek Style Food

Going to meet a friendly business client late morning near 48th and 3rd later this week. He says he'd like a big Greek salad and he doesn't eat fish or even want to see it. Any Souvlaki places or coffee shops that have that "Greek" feel in the neighborhood?

I tried the search here on the Manhattan board and found Avra is nearby, but, alas, it's a grilled fish place. Need something a bit less pricey, quicker and not so restraining.

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  1. Ammos
    46th and Vanderbilt.
    you dont have to get fish there.
    or you can go to uncle nick's but its west

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    1. re: smokeandapancake

      Ammos? What's the scoop? Is there a lot of fish for him to swim around or can he ignore the (typical restaurant) requisite two on the menu?

    2. It's not Greek, but you may consider Sip Sak on 2nd ave, near 50th street. I can't remember the exact cross streets but it's around there. They have lots of foods that might fit the bill. It's very low key... maybe not quite upscale enough. But it's a nice spot and the food is solid.

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      1. re: egit

        Sorry, egit. turkish is not gonna happen. Thanks anyway!

        1. re: Gastronomos

          No worries. I only suggested it because the food is similar enough that you could probably get something like a greek salad. Also, it's quick and it's close to 48th and 3rd. Good luck. I'm sure there's something closer to what you're looking for. It was an "off the top of my head" suggestion. :)

      2. There's literally a Greek Restaurant, pretty good, on the corner of 48th and Lexington a block away called Avra. You can see details on their website at

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        1. re: EliEats

          Sorry. Grilled fish place. Need Greek, please. (see above) Thanks.

        2. How far of a walk is it to Greek Corner on 7th and 28th? Coming from 48th and 3rd, of course. Is it doable?

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          1. re: Gastronomos

            Probably about 45 minutes each way if you're a fast walker. It's not a short walk.

            1. re: egit

              45minutes. Ok. I guess we have to stay local.
              So far we got Ammos and Avra. Avra is out of the question, since we are looking for Greek and Ammos looks promising as long as it isn't grilled fish central.
              Any other ideas?