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Sep 14, 2009 09:30 AM

where to find fresh canellini beans in london?

i ate some incredible fresh canellini beans on saturday. They were simply divine. I could have eaten a whole bowl of them on their own but had the good fortune to eat some t-bone steak and salsa verde with them. an amazing meal i'm very grateful to have enjoyed.

now i want to find some fresh beans myself and (hopelessly) attempt to recreate their unctuous umami (sic? probably. too lazy to google and check) flavour and texture.

does anyone know where i can find them in london?

ta in advance.

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  1. i haven't bought any this year but last year i picked some up at la fromagerie.

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    1. re: abby d

      i buy all my beans at fareshares in south london (only open thursdays, fridays and saturday afternoons)

      if time doesn't work for you try unpackaged near angel station

      sprouting some adzuki beans at the moment!

      1. re: feelinfoodie

        fresh beans is a different matter though isn't it? If you have a good relationship with your local veg stall holder, if you're lucky enough to have a good one, they should be able to get some cannellini or coco beans in their pods for you from nine elms. If you don't, then an upmarket greengrocers like greensmiths will, though these will probably be dearer. Alternatively, though I never go there, I'd like to imagine that someone at Borough market still sells decent seasonal vegetables, or is it all now one big gourmet lunch stand?