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Sep 14, 2009 09:24 AM

Los Paisanos- please help

Hi everyone,

Am going to be placing an order with Los Paisanos this week (coming in from out of town with a cooler) and was trying to get a sense of what their prices are like so I can budget what to get with a set amount of money.

I called to inquire about the prices of a few of their cuts (and the availability of a few that weren't listed on their website) and the person on the phone stonewalled me when it came to giving even an estimate of price on anything. When I explained my situation, he simply said he would give "a special price", which is nice and all, but not too helpful for my situation. He also hung up on me when I asked what their hours were, but it's possible he didn't hear me (always ask in case website is out-of-date).

Can anyone tell me (even a general range) what the pricing is for:
beef cheeks
skirt steak
hangar steak
dry-aged steaks, like ribeye and strip

Or could you let me know someone I could ask to speak to who might be more helpful? It would be an enormous help (and quite frankly, might even give me reason to spend more money at the place! No great butcher shops around where I live.....)

I'm not trying to comparison shop- Paisanos is definitely going to be one of my stops, but I'll be getting there after 6 PM without a ton of time to browse before they close at 7 (they do close at 7, right?) :).


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  1. I was just there yesterday - had I known I would've taken notes for you! Yes, they're open until 7.

    From what I recall prices range from $5.99 for cheaper cuts to $12.99 (I think) for sirloin, and probably higher for other things.

    I'm a little surprised they weren't more forthcoming over the phone as they've always seemed very nice when I've been there, but maybe they were really busy.

    Anyway, I'll try to stop by this evening and take some more specific notes on these cuts if I get home before 7 (I live around the corner). They're one of my fave local places and I'm happy to help an out-of-towner give them some business!

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      For some reason, many of the butchers I've called in Queens flatly refuse to quote prices over the phone. Go figure. They usually say something like "Just stop by, we'll take care of you." Even during off times.

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        This in and of itself is helpful! I just didn't know if I should expect over $10 for chuck definitely sounds like I might be in for a substantial order. I was hoping that the phone interaction was some sort of fluke or I was just catching someone at an off moment.

        Thanks for this initial information, and your willingness to go out of your way for a stranger, even if the trip wasn't possible.

        (and Joe, sorry to hear you've been faced with the same issue. Was wondering if it was just me- never faced this situation before!)

        1. re: 4Snisl

          Well, the good news is that I was able to stop by last night, the bad news is that I somehow lost the piece of paper with prices on it before I could get this reply to you!

          But if memory serves, you're looking at around $10-14 per pound for the assorted steaks you listed above. They didn't have beef cheeks or brisket out so I couldn't scout prices, but I'm sure they have them. I have gotten brisket from them before but I don't remember how much it was. I'm not really much of a numbers person!

          Anyway, sorry for the misplaced slip of paper, hope this helps!

          1. re: bklynite

            I shop at Los Paisanos alot, but this is from memory:

            1. I never get the dry aged steaks from the case behind the counter in the middle. I think that they are more expensive than the ones in the counter case which are around 10-14 for strip, club etc... But I am not sure about the price.

            2. The hanger and skirt steaks are slightly less expensive than the club/strip, maybe 7 or 8...

            3. I think that chuck roast will be considerably less than 10/lb.

            4. Try the hot/sweet italian sausages. They are extremely tasty.

            5. Overall, the prices are comparable if not cheaper than the other butchers in this area of brooklyn (A&S/S&P or whatever and the one on court street)

            6. I think that butchers don't want to tell you the prices because they assume you're local and just want to get you in the store.

      2. Thanks so much for your help and generosity, folks. Was able to dash in today and had a thorough and enlightening discussion with one of the staff members at Los Paisanos. Total 180 from just a few days ago!

        In case you all are curious, to my recollection, the pricing is about as follows:

        beef cheeks: $3/lb
        skirt steak: $11/lb
        hangar steak: $9/lb
        brisket: $6/lb
        dry-aged steaks, like ribeye and strip: $13-20's, I think- was a little mushed in front of that case....aging is anywhere from 21-28 days, and happening right in front of your eyes behind the counter.

        Sausage selection looked GREAT....will be tough to choose.

        Was also informed that there are plenty of other "variety cuts" that aren't in the case, like tongue, even brain!

        Thanks for confirming was a great place this is..... and what nice customers they have too!