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Sep 14, 2009 09:24 AM

meat market/butcher in central CT

Im just wondering if anyone knows of a good butcher or meat market in central ct. I really like stew leonards steaks but im not sure about their pork. So where would you go to buy good pork like baby back ribs or pork shoulder?

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  1. When I need a special cut of meat, I head to Public Market, Main st in Middletown...In fact I recently bought a piece of shoulder (butt) for the smoker. Real butchers, real service.

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      I love Public Market in Middletown, too, and heartily second your recommendation. While in Middletown, don't forget Meadow Meat on Eastern Drive. We had some delicious baby back ribs from there a few weeks back. By the way, have you tried the chicken sausage at Public? It's terrific!

      I also love West Side Market in Rocky Hill for any/all meat--especially their hamburger and steaks.

      1. re: kattyeyes

        I have GOT to try the chx sausage....It does always look good. I've from a few people now about West Side Market. What it near? Landmark?

        1. re: BiscuitBoy

          West Side is down the hill and around the corner from the Century Hills apartment complex. Coming from there, you'd turn left off of Cold Spring Rd. (corner where Bank of America is and Patti Cakes is across the street), then turn left as you're next to the Mobil (?) station.

          Coming from 91, take West St. Rocky Hill exit. Left at top of hill...continue straight till you're at the plaza where Michel Angelo's is...also Dunkin' Donuts....go left onto Shunpike and West Side will be on the right.

    2. I like Newington Meat on Main Street in Newington.

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        Ditto. When I need something special like a cut for pulled pork, this is the place.

      2. I've never been told, "sorry, we can't do that" at the Highland Park Markets here in northern central CT. Everything is top quality and the service is always cooperative and professional.

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          I also like Highland Park, but their baby back ribs are received frozen and then thawed out at the store. I always buy my baby back ribs at Costco. They come three in a cryovaced package (not frozen) and are usually priced at $3.29 per pound which is a very good price.