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Sep 14, 2009 08:00 AM

Sol Mar/Portuguese Wine, Newark

Hi. I absolutely love this place and was hoping I could reach out to any fans of Portuguese wines or of this particular restaurant. I am enamored with their handwritten wine menu but unfortunately I cannot recall the wine we ordered the last time. I am hoping someone could steer me in the right direction of a nice red wine in the $20-$40 range.

As always, thank you!!

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  1. Problem is there are hundreds of Portuguese wines that might sell for that price on an Ironbound winelist. I can't remember exactly what Sol Mar has on their list, but most restaurants there tend to have something like EA or Monte Vehlo as the by the glass red for something like $4 - this translates to a sub $20 bottle in many Ironbound places. While these are just OK wines you might do better to look for something like Quinta do Cabriz Dao Reserva (the Reserva being important here), Cortes da Cima Chamine (we had this for $17 at Coimbra) or anything labeled "Douro" (skip the Lello Douro if you see it). Otherwise, it is hard to say.

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      I was hoping you would reply as I saw a previous post (or was it reply) from you regarding this topic! Yes, it was a very general question but I appreciate you trying to narrow it down. I now remember having the EA and like you said, it was okay. I will look out for "Reserva" being the operative word.

      Now to the gym so I can fully enjoy myself tomorrow night!

      1. re: Tasi

        Yeah, the portions are generous at Sol Mar, so the gym is a good idea! Tell us what you thought of your meal/wine.