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Sep 14, 2009 07:44 AM

Monday lunch with a view near Truro/Wellfleet/P'town?

Got lots of great recommendations from reading other threads here - am thinking Finely JP's, Winslow's Tavern, Wicked Oyster or Pearl for lunch today. But would love to have the whole experience - view, basking in the sunshine. Looks like Pearl might be the best bet for that, but any other recommendations would be gratefully received. Lunch doesn't have to be fancy. Two of us want good seafood, the other two don't eat "from the sea." Thank you!

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  1. in Wellfleet, I would go for Pearl and eat on the upper deck, weather permitting. The non-seafood eaters will have limited options however. Their menu is online i believe.
    In Ptown, many many more options for the view and the non-seafood eaters.

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      Thanks for the tip - but unfortunately it's one of those very many places that's closed for Monday lunch. We did end up at Moby Dick's, and we're not sorry we did. OK, the view was kind of missing, but the food (apart from incongruously stale French fries) was fantastic. I'm not a fan of fried seafood, but the fried scallops were so sweet (and not greasy), it was like eating candy. My lobster roll was almost embarrassingly plentiful, and the fixin's were very subtle, just the lobster flavor came through. Once we'd realized we had to delay our lunch a bit to go and buy the beers elsewhere, we had a really great experience.

    2. We had lunch at "the bookstore in wellfleet. tables outside big picture windows inside overlookin wellfleet bay where they harvest the oysters. Food was good
      it is not directly on the water

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        Bubbala's in PTown in the middle of all of it, great people watching and consistent food.