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Sep 14, 2009 07:31 AM

Paris for the Weekend - a few questions!

Hello - my boyfriend and are are headed to Paris the weekend of October 9th. We live in Manhattan and have been lucky enough to visit Paris a few times. I really want our restaurant schedule to be perfect this time though and I have a few questions for all of you foodies:

1. So far we are thinking Chez L'ami Jean (which I've learned about thanks to this board) and Le Meurice for dinner, and Le Cinq for lunch. A friend recommended Petrelle for another dinner - what do you think? I am in to funkier, bohemian places, so would it be a nice counterpoint to our other choices or would it be disappointing in comparison (and would the bf's parents like it?)?

2. Do you have any recommendations for a slightly more casual, scenier restaurant, maybe in the Marais? We went to Glou last time and really enjoyed it, both for the people watching and the food. Have also been to Hotel Amour, which was a great scene but only mediocre food.

3. Does anyone know anything about Fidélite? We tried it last time at a friend's raving recommendation only to find it empty when we arrived. Did we just get there too early (I think it was around 9:30) or were we given bad guidance?

Thank you for any and all suggestions!!

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  1. 1. It does not get much more bohemian as le Pétrelle, and the food is really simple but really excellent. Thing is, CAJ+Le Cinq+Meurice is a lot of food (though le Meurice really is not...) so I'd be careful. Aven the best stuff is less good when you're not hungry.

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      I totally agree - whenever we're in Paris we seem to overdo it and I feel ill by the time I get home...we have tried to break it up in the past by having lunch at little places like Rose Bakery, which is delicious but can be on the lighter side. Any thoughts Souphie on questions #2 and #3? Thank you!!

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        I recommend Frenchie for casual but a great place to see people and eat delicious food.

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          Nope. Never heard about Fidélité and have no idea about casual scenic restaurant.