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Sep 14, 2009 07:12 AM

Marlow & Daughters / Diner - Question?

I've heard about this place for a while, but i watched the anthony bourdain episode and it looked really good, so i wanted to try plus Williamsberg is not that far from the LES where i live. I've got a question though, the place he goes to Diner, is it connected to Marlow & Daughters? I couldn't find it on yelp.

also, do I need a reservation? Or do they even take reservations? If i was going on a friday or saturday night how bad is the wait?

Anything that is must order?

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  1. Marlow and Daughters is the butcher shop (a couple of blocks away from Diner). Marlow and Sons is good to go to for oysters, appetizers, and drinks before dinner (or a drink after). Marlow and Sons and Diner are about a half a block away from each other.

    Neither place takes reservations, but I would put my name on the list at Diner then head over to Marlow and Sons. I'd say the wait would be 45 mins- 1 hr. Maybe more if you're a larger group.

    As for must orders- I love their steak, burgers, fries, salads, and pretty much any of their fish or pork specials.

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      thanks this is super helpful

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        If you end up at Marlow and Sons after dinner, then you have to have their dark chocolate/caramel tart w/sea salt. Delicious.

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          wow holy crap, i just google mapped this place and i could literally walk to this place, its just across the williamsberg bridge...always forget how close williamsberg is to the LES

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            Also keep in mind that Marlow and Sons is no one-trick-pony: they have a small menu of rotating specials that almost always includes local oysters, a selection of cheeses, multiple salads, soup, a sweet+savory crostini, a panini, and 2-4 intriguing entrees (one of which is almost always their delightful brick chicken). Like Diner, the atmosphere ranges between loud and frenzied during peak nights/hours.
            Diner has a more extensive list of specials each night, but I often find the quirky menu and cave-like atmosphere at Marlow and Sons just as satisfying. They are immediately next door to one another - Marlow and Daughters is a half block farther East on Broadway.

            If you're planning to walk there from the LES, make sure you use the walkway on the South side of the Williamsburg bridge so that you can get off at Bedford Ave (1.5 blocks away from Diner). The walkway on the North side of the bridge overshoots your destination by an additional 2-3 blocks.

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              thanks thats really helpful as def looking forward to trying the place

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            seconded. i don't like sweets or desserts/pastries but will eat the HECK out of this. also, marlow & sons oysters are sublime.

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          M&D is less than half a block away from Diner, not a couple of blocks. It is also more than a butcher shop - it stocks all the retail that used to be in the front room of M&S (other than the housemade pastries, pizza, sandwiches, etc.) - plus charcuterie (much house made), cheeses, olives, dairy, etc etc. Fun shop to stop in on, perhaps while you're waiting to get seated at Diner or M&S.

        3. thanks everyone for the help, here's my review: