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Sep 14, 2009 06:21 AM

St. Louis Steakhouse - Downtown - Father and Son!

My 13 yr old son and I are heading to St. Louis MO for a Ram's game next month.

We are staying at the Renaissance Grand downtown and would like to go to a good steakhouse that's reasonable $25 steak (?) and has the old steakhouse look.

Anything you can suggest?

Thanks! Mike

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  1. For that price and the "old steakhouse look", I am guessing your best bet would be Tuckers. This is in the Soulard Area a mile or two south of Downtown.
    Here is their yelp link and their web site

    I think the other places in the immediate Downtown area will be both higher price, as well as more modern and glitzy in feel.


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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      Im sure you will find a good steak house in the city, but if I were you, I would skip the Rams (did you see the opener in Seattle?) and go to a Cards game instead.

      1. re: tusti

        Tusti - we are from Massachusetts and I'm a Patriot's fan. My son started following them playing Madden football!

        Thanks Friend - I'll check it out.

    2. You might take a look at Mike Shannon's downtown - don't have website, but if you google it.... The others downtown are chains, not bad, but not local, either. Tucker's is pleasant, but not quite so upscale, located in an old building, and with meat that's often not quite as high a grade.

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        The problem with Mike Shannon's is you can't touch a steak, let alone the other stuff for 25...


      2. Right in the hotel is one of the finest restaurants in St Louis. It is called An American Place. It is not a steakhouse, but it is located in a fabulous room built in 1917 and has a retro feel. Check out the website Tenderloin steak is $26 and farm strip is $26 and butcher's steak is $18. (the price apparently does not include extras).

        Also downtown is Carmine's Steakhouse. Steaks are a bit pricier, but I have heard good things about the restaurant.