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Sep 14, 2009 05:48 AM

Wahoo Fish- what is it, need recipes??

I've recently received some fresh/frozen wahoo (I think that's the right spelling) fish. What kind of fish is it? I don't believe I've ever had it and am in need of some recipes or the best way to cook. It's frozen so I can't really tell the texture. Thanks!

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  1. It's a lot like swordfish. It's local to waters off South Carolina. I had some at my fave restaurant in Charleston (FIG) and it was fantastic. I bought some off the dock and grilled made it very firm and steak-y. My husband likes that effect, but I didn't care for it as much. Sorry I can't be more help.

    1. Wahoo is one of the fastest predators in the ocean. In Hawaii it's called Ono. One of the premium eating fish IMHO. It is not "like swordfish" except that both have firm meat. My favorite recipe is to brush fresh wahoo steaks with mayonnaise and marinate them that way for 3-4 hours. Then grill or pan fry quickly and dust with a little salt & pepper.

      1. As has been mentioned wahoo is a large pelagic fish that is a close relative of the mackerel family. It is meaty like swordfish but not as dry. The flesh cooks up very white and has a clean taste. It's a beautiful fish.

        I like to make steaks from loin cuts and pan sear with nothing more than salt and pepper. Don't over cook is the general rule for fish but with this type of meaty flesh there is no room for error. If you can keep it a little on the pink side at the center you will be rewarded.

        I was lucky enough to score some fresh wahoo from my fish guy recently and made some fantastic meals out of it.

        1. I guess I'll add my two cents adjusted for inflation about Wahoo as well. Excellent eating fish. When you catch them they jump a lot....WAHOOOOOOO! LOL
          They are not as large as a Swordfish nor do they taste like one but the texture of the flesh is similar.They do look similar to Mackeral although the flesh is not as oily as most mackeral.
          For me they are pefect with nothing but a little oil, S&P and put on the grill. A little fresh citrus to finish and that's my idea of a great meal.

          1. Well, live and learn. Never hear of this fish before but sounds like I'd like it if I ever see it in a store or menu. The name, though, conjures up memories of the Simpsons episode about the "yum-yum fish" that were the main attraction at Marge's childhood vacation spot.

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              My local Publix market in Florida sometimes has cryovaced wahoo fillets that are about 2 feet long. When I'm in Mexico we catch them in the Cozumel channel, trolling deep, about 150 feet. They average about 4 feet, very slender, strong, and fast. When they catch the first sight of your boat, they do a Michael Jackson and beat it. Fight #2 begins. I agree they are less oily than mackerel, and not flaky like swordfish, and the flesh color is in between. We usually baked the fillets in banana leaves with achiote, sliced limes, peppers, and tomatoes. Very tasty.

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                "When they catch the first sight of your boat, they do a Michael Jackson and beat it"

                LOL Perfect description!