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Sep 14, 2009 05:46 AM

Colombian-style arepas

My husband's of Colombian descent. Whenever we visit his parents who live in New England they send us home with a couple dozen frozen premade arepas. They've become a breakfast staple here and we're almost out and don't expect to see them for more than a month. I'd like to make some and wonder if anyone can explain to me how to do it. What kind of masa do I need? How much water? What should it feel like? We make homemade corn tortillas at home often so I'm familiar with how those ought to feel before pressing. How are arepas different? And I need to roll them out, right?
Most of what I found online seems to be more of the Venezuelan variety. Delicious, yes, but not what I'm looking for. I want the thin ones you cook over the stovetop, then poke holes into and cover with butter, salt and sometimes farmer cheese.

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  1. Colombian Arepas

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    Bobby Flay Arepas Throwdown (sorry these are also the Venezuelan variety

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      Thanks for searching for me. Those are many of the ones I had found on my search as well. The Epicurious recipe has cheese in it. Afaik, cheese as an ingredient rather than a topping isn't traditional. All of the youtube videos you posted are in Spanish and I am far from fluent. The ehow link sounds ok but did you look at the picture?! Eek. The recipezaar one if probably the closest to what I'm looking for, although I still don't know for sure what kind of masa to use. Is it the same kind I would use for tortillas? I read something about PAN - is that the same or a different mill?

      Bobby Flay Throwdown - this is slightly OT but I DVRd that episode the other day and tried to watch it last night. That show is awful! Anyhow, as you said those are the Venezeulan variety which is not what I'm ISO. Thanks!

      1. re: isadorasmama

        You use PAN (precooked cornmeal). Here's a good link that talks about the hands-on skills to make arepas. Not Columbian, but I thought it might help you build your info base. I found it helpful because when I made them, I'd never had them before. Good luck!

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          AWESOME! I love that blog. :) A hundred times thank you. <3

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          P.A.N. is just a specific brand of Masa Harina and the top-selling brand in South America I believe. You can find different brands of masa harina right in your grocery store in the flour/sugar aisle. Or you can purchase P.A.N. online here:

      2. This is the one I use, should be able to find it at a hispanic store, I get it at my local super K-mart.