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Sep 14, 2009 05:23 AM

Good food for an anniversary in Oxford

I'm trying to plan an anniversary meal for me and my girlfriend in Oxford. Surprisingly for me, I've ended up not being constrained so much by price as by location (Saving up for a good meal is fine, but spending more on a taxi to get there than the actual food, not so much). Are there any hidden gems in the city itself (ie, not a gastropub in Abingdon) that are worth recommending? The only real requirement is that they must take bookings, since queuing for a table is hardly romantic...

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  1. chiang mai? thai restaurant just off the high street and very nice.

    1. No hidden gems at all! Oxford is a culinary wasteland. Chang Mai is okay, but nothing special. Try the Nut Tree Inn in Murcot - 14 miles away - Michelin star, and excellent value. Otherwise you are wasting your money IMO with chains and frozen ingredients.

      1. Agree with the other posters: Oxford is a sea of disappointment. Chang Mai is decent, but not great. If you're constrained to the city limits, I can recommend three places:

        1. Gee's -- okay food in a very nice, romantic setting.

        2. The Trout -- okay-ish gastropub-ish food in a very nice country pub setting. On the outskirts of Oxford, so a bit more difficult (by bus) or expensive (by cab) to get to.

        3. Moya -- excellent Slovakian food (!) in a nice, though more utilitarian, setting. The front of the restaurant looks worryingly like an All Bar One, but the back dining area is very pleasant. The nicest table IMHO for two people is table 7 (I used to ask for it when booking). This was by far my favourite restaurant whilst I was living in Oxford.

        Gee's and Moya take bookings. I'm pretty sure the Trout does, too.

        Hope this helps.

        97 St Clement's St, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1, GB

        Gee's Restaurant
        61 Banbury Rd, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX2 6, GB