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Sep 14, 2009 02:21 AM

Champagne Recs

We've rented a farm house for a long weekend with friends near Epernay. Need suggestions of fun epicurian activities and favorite caves. Keep in mind we are traveling with toddlers.

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  1. In Troyes there is a glass museum attached to a 'glass' school. Had really neat contemporary stuff that l had never seen before. Market in town had a huge variety of local cheeses. On the day l was there, they had at one vendor 6 different farm chaource.

    1. I recommend you read the book "Champagne" by Don and Petie Kladstrup. You will have a new appreciation for the people and the wines of the region after reading this!

      I also recommend you go on the Pommery tour. Their Champagne is not the tops, but the tour is fabulous. They are one of the oldest houses, and one of the closest on the route the Germans took into France during both WW's I and II. There is still a German tank in their cellar, as the Germans commandeered their cellar as a storage depot, and drove the tanks up and down the stairs you will traverse to enter and exit their caves. It's amazing. Just go! Imho, the best restaurant is Assiette Champenoise, and they will not be annoyed if you bring your kids. They have some, themselves. ;)

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        I quite enjoyed the Pommery tour, they have quite a lot of funky art down in their caves also.

        A couple of notes:
        -bring warm clothes, it is cold in the caves
        -quite a few houses are closed on the weekend, so check in advance, and make reservations to avoid disappointment
        -I don't know how toddler friendly the caves visits are though...

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          Is the Assiette Champenoise really kid friendly? I guess the website didn't give that vibe but if it was that would make me so happy!

          1. re: spacesasha

            I have surely seen kids there. I would take mine, if I had any, especially at lunch.