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Sep 13, 2009 08:31 PM

Pistachios from Turkey, Iran, or Greece in the DC area?

I love pistachio nuts. The best ones I've ever had have been from Turkey, Iran, and Greece. Most have been gifts from friends returning from trips abroad. Some years ago, there was a Middle Eastern shop not far from my neighborhood that sold delicious pistachios from Iran and Syria, but it closed!

Does anyone know of stores in the DMV area that sell pistachios from any of the countries I've mentioned?

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  1. Respectfully, but I believe the best pistachios are from the unlikeliest of all places: Alamagordo, New Mexico. There are two farms there but I believe the best one is Heart of the Desert. Plain salted pistachios aside their green chili are incredible. They also sell nutmeats including the green chili and garlic. The other farm is the Pistachio Tree Ranch. They're notable for their pistachio brittle which won the National Fiery Food Award several years ago as the overall best product of any. Their brittle is incredible.

    Balducci's use to carry Iranian pistachios along with Dean and DeLuca. After I dsicovered Heart of the Desert I stopped buying the others.

    I have something of a notorious reputation on here because of this post from several years ago: This is for gorgonzola dolce risotto with toasted pistachio chunks.

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      Thanks for your post, Joe.The New Mexico pistachios are interesting. I'll keep the Heart of the Desert pistachios in mind.

      I'll also check Dean and De Luca, but would prefer a small (maybe Middle Eastern or Mediterranean) shop locally that sells Iranian, Greek, or Turkish pistachios.

      1. re: Joe H

        You might try Thomas Market on University Blvd. in Wheaton, too.

        1. re: Chocolatechipkt

          Ditto on Thomas Market---they will have them.

        2. re: Joe H

          pistachio brittle?

          oh man, joe, that sounds so delicious!

          the best pistachios i've ever had were from a friend who brought them back in a diplo pouch from turkey. they were huge -- and perfectly addictive. i'm willing to give the heart of desire**** nuts a chance, though -- as i do love the pistachios.

          edit: **** LOL!!!! that was a freudian slip! heart of the desert is the name! hahahahahahaha.

          1. re: alkapal

            LOL, that's pretty funny, and they sound great!

        3. I found an Afghani market on Backlick Road just north of the Franconia Springfield Parkway on the east side of the road in a strip mall. They have huge barrels of nuts. The have both regular pistachios and pistachios which are roasted with rock salt instead of fine salt. I love these things and always stop by when I am in the area.

          1. In Rockville, the three Iranian markets within a mile or two of each other sell pistachios by the pound. Yehkta Market, Sams, and Yasman.

            1. Thanks for the help, everyone. Much appreciated.