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Sep 13, 2009 08:08 PM

4 Days in Seattle; Restaurants for Dinner for 1 at Bar

Could I get some feedback on some great restaurant experiences in Downtown, Belltown areas where a guy can have a nice dinner at the bar? Tend to enjoy good upscale places, but not stuffy. In other words, lively, either trendy or traditional, but fun. I intend to stop by WIld Ginger, but haven't been to Seattle in 6 years, so need the latest cool places for an interesting dinner but at the bar. Thanks.

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  1. Try Sazerac on 4th and Spring (in Monaco Hotel). Definitely a lively, trendy place. They have a large bar where you can eat.... as well as nice bar area seating and a large dining room. I ate there a few times when I was in Seattle on business. Since I was on a low per diem, I was most interested in their happy hour menu (4-8 pm M-Sat). Cheap, but interesting food and cheap drinks. ($3 beers, $5 well drinks) They have a full menu though too. Check it out at

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      Try the bar at the Icon Grill on Fifth Avenue.

    2. Place kitchen
      Umi Sake House
      Le pichet

      I would not do Wild Ginger.

      1. Yes!
        Place kitchen!
        Umi Sake House!
        Le Pichet!

        I have sat at all the bars at on this list and enjoyed myself- Sometimes with a book sometimes not.

        I have also enjoyed Steelhead Diner, BOKA, and Matt's in the Market.

        1. You might also consider Brasa - doesn't get mentioned on the board as much as it should, imo. Has a nice happy hour, but is pretty dark (if you're planning to read at the bar). Good food.

          Wild Ginger seems to be really popular with out of towners, but it's gone way down hill since it moved into the bigger space it's in now. I'd check out Campange - they have a bar and their food is excellent.

          1. It's 'Palace Kitchen' not 'Place Kitchen' but it would be on my must-list if I was eating alone.