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Sep 13, 2009 07:44 PM

Carson City eats?

The fam and i will be in Carson City next weekend...anything beyond the chains worth eating. We probably aren't willing to drive to Reno since the weekend is going to be pretty full of baseball. thanks!

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  1. South of Carson City in Gardnerville, the two Basque restaurants, JT's and the Overland Hotel are very good. They have different days that they are closed, so if you go to one and it's closed, the other will be open.

    Also, the Nugget Casino in CC has the best cheap casino prime rib special I've had. It's not Morton's, but pretty darned good for $9.95 (in the coffee shop).

    1. I love JTs. I have to disagree on the Overland Hotel. I ate there only once, about five years ago, and I won't go back. Be advised there's a wait usually for dinner at JTs.
      Z Bistro is a gem and probably my favorite Carson City restaurant. French-style food with a French chef. It's open for lunch Monday through Saturday and dinner on Friday and Saturday.
      Right across the street from Z Bistro is Villa Basque Deli. Wonderful Basque chorizos and I'd recommend you try it at least once. Open for breakfast and lunch, but I"m not sure if they're open on Sunday.
      Two decent Chinese places. Beijing is in a strip mall just off U.S. 395 south of town, plus there's a Chinese place in a strip mall that has Scolari's on U.S. 50 east. I can't remember the name.
      Best place for breakfast is a diner called the Cracker Box . It's on U.S. 50 East at Stewart Street, IIRC.
      Garabaldis is an Italian place near downtown Carson City. Service can be slow and its heavily Americanized Italian, but I like it.
      Lots of nice but not great Mexican places. Depends what you're looking for. One has great tamales, another has great salsa. If you want to try Mexican tell me what you're interested in and maybe I can remember which one does it best.

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        One can always be in the mood for mexican in my opinion. :) My son's favorite mexican item is defintiely tamales so I'd love to hear a rec for that. We will check out the Cracker Box as well, my son is also a fan of breakfast and the diner scene(he's a good egg:)). Thank you so much!

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          Don't know if it's still open, but The Lady Tamales was an excellent tamale place. I called the phone number and no one answered.
          Here's when I reviewed it in 2005

          The Lady Tamales
          933 Woodside Drive No. 102
          Carson City, NV

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            I called the number and they answered, so it's still open.

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          We love the Cracker Box for breakfast. Since we live at Tahoe, we don't make it there often but always enjoy it. The staff and the customers are great also.

        3. If you're in CC with the kids (baseball tourney?) they may like Reds Old 395. It's a bbq joint with the fixings - beans, cornbread, coleslaw, ribs, that kind of thing. Kids will like the atmosphere. It was always a hit when we were in Carson City for mega swim meets!

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            Yes, its a baseball extravaganza. We checked out Red's last year when we were there and it is a good rec for kids. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was requested this time.

          2. Pho Country on 395 north of Hot Springs Road is also excellent and usually quite busy at normal mealtimes.

            1. The best Thai restaurant I have ever been to including all of Cal. is in Carson City. The Basil is located on the main street right in the middle of town. Ask for the tamarid grilled prawns! I have a problem with the Cracker box as the fumes of grease carry over the dining area from the kitchen, so I come out of ther with my clothes and hair smelling of grease. If pizza is a fav, try Brugo's next to the Starbucks at the north end of town, upscale kind of place with a good wine list.