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Sep 13, 2009 07:05 PM

OC Restaurant Week! How/What to Choose!

Oh man, I am so excited by all the different, nicely priced options to choose from this week! I have Thurs night and Fri day available, so I figure I can get a dinner and a lunch in before my time runs out. So far my husband and I are leaning towards Sage on the Coast for our Thurs date night, but I am not sure about my by-myself-foodie lunch...any suggestions? Thanks! Also, which ones are you guys hitting or missing?

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  1. Went to Brasserie Pascal today for lunch. I haven't been here since the switch from French 75. We had the three course for $15. I had the Pate plate, Lobster Sandwich served w/ fries and Souffle. My wife had the tomato soup, Chicken Crepes and the Creme Caramel.

    Pate was a Country Pate and was pretty good, could of used more salt. My sandwich was totally un-edible and the fries were not what you would expect at a French restaurant. They looked and tasted like McDonald fries and not the thin twice fried type that I love at a french bistro. They were served with ketchup as well.

    My wifes tomato soup was pretty good. Nice simpe non-bisque tomato soup. Her crepe was well executed and flavorful. I would come back to this place but only to try the rest of the menu which looked very promising.

    They have bone marrow on the menu!!!!!

    1. I'm going to sound like a parrot... but Xanh is the perfect introduction to Vietnamese food if you aren't familiar with it. It's a little odd from the outside (in the back corner of a truly ugly minimall in FV) but beautiful on the inside, with fluent-in-English menu and servers and chef, who can explain -- and the flavours will smack you upside the head, even if you are used to Viet food.

      It's one of my favourite restaurants, so RW is just another excuse to go :)

      I think the RW menu looks fine, especially the tuna on green mango salad (I've had the orange roughy on mango salad and talk about a smack upside the taste buds!), but my favourites are on the regular menu ( -- banana blossom salad, which is quite possibly my favourite herbaceous thing to eat in the world; the crispy rice with pork appetiser; whitefish (roughy) in "black pepper reduction" (ca kho to); any of the beef. Also ask if they have any mustard greens available, because she makes them perfectly. Desserts are also very tasty (though we never have room!


      Prices are pretty much in line with the OCRW menu and portions are big from the regular menu.