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Sep 13, 2009 07:02 PM

I Love NA (New Amsterdam)! Dutch Treats.

Went to the New Amsterdam Market today in front of the old Fulton Fish Market. Man, I was blown away. Reminded me of the Ferry Building Market in SF or Pike Place Market in Seattle. A veritable who's who of NY food purveyors all with free samples. Sullivan Street Bakery directly across from Balthazar Bakery which created a "halve maen" (half moon) apple, raisin pie in honor of Henry Hudson only available at the market. Marlowe and Sons ham sandwich with apple butter next door to Sarah Jenkins' Porchetta sandwich. Anne Saxelby and about a dozen upstate cheese mongers including Cooperstown Cheese Company's Toma Celena, a semi-hard cow's cheese that you'd swear came from Piedmont instead of Milford, NY. Numerous vineyards offering wine samples and creameries offering chocolate milk and yogurt. In addition to all of the above, I enjoyed Fishers island oysters, white bean crostini, lavender short bread, roast peppers and aioli on focaccia, bacon peanut brittle from The Redhead, chocolate bars from Taza and Fine and Raw, homemade black cherry soda from HB Burger, pickles from Brooklyn Brine and Rick's Picks, lamb, pork and veal sausages from Dickson's Meats (opening in Chelsea Market) and Damascus Bakeries pita bread with olives and herbs, For dessert we headed over to Bowling Green and the New Amsterdam village complete with working windmill. Had some gouda cheese, stroopwafels, poffertjes (mini pancakes with lots of butter and powdered sugar) and the highlight of the day...fresh herring on hamburger buns courtesy of Russ & Daughters. Coincidentally, I was wearing my Russ & Daughter's T-Shirt. My daughter was somewhat horrified by the fishtail sticking out of the bun I was munching but I loved it!

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  1. What was the atmosphere like at the New Amsterdam Market? I went on its debut day, and while I liked the idea of it, it was hideously crowded, and there weren't all that many vendors - and very few I don't already see at Union Square or Essex Market or elsewhere around town. It sounds like it's better now.

    I went to that teeny windmill fest also, last weekend. Note that R&D sold those herring fillets for $4 in the store, and the sandwiches at the village were $8. That's a heckuva pricey bun. I consoled myself by hoovering up about 20 cheese samples. Did you try the vegetables in the greenhouse? There was a thing called a Szechuan button that delivers what feels like an electric jolt to your tongue when you eat it. For reals. It is strange stuff.

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      I think Haru was the first restaurant in the area to introduce sechuan/sansho buttons - as part of a roll and on two specialty cocktails. They were definitely the first in Boston to do so, but that's not much of an accomplishment. Originally from Africa I think despite the name being something Chinese.

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        There were 78 vendors almost none of whom I recognized from Union Square. It was crowded but not uncomfortably so.

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          Ah, ok. That makes me want to go to the next one. It was a sample whore's paradise, I'll say that much.

          1. re: small h

            We Jews have a Yiddish word "schnorrer" which loosely translated means "sample whore".

            1. re: guttergourmet

              Yes, indeed we do. Thanks for sparing me the tsuris of remembering how to spell it!

      2. also checked out the mini-amsterdam on sunday (after playing on gov's island) but didn't eat any of the stuff; those poffertjes looked SERIOUS tho; saw lot of butter dripping down people's faces.

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          We had them on Saturday -- and they were just loaded with butter. Very tasty. The stroopwafels were outstanding, especially the samples they were giving out which were piping hot. We bought a pack to take home.

          We also tried the kroket -- deep fried, pretty tasty. DH had a smoked pepper mackerel sandwich too. He talks to the man working the stand and asks about where the fish is from and such. The man hands him a card. DH comes over to me, hands me the card, and says "I suppose you already know this place" -- it's Russ and Daughters. Gave me a chuckle.