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Sep 13, 2009 05:53 PM

Corn Tortillas Vancouver

I'm looking to buy some good quality tortillas to make enchiladas. I live in Kits but I'll go anywhere in the GVRD to get them. Thanks :)

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  1. South China Seas on Granville Island sells them. Excellent quality. I buy the large package and separate them into smaller packs and freeze them so they're always on hand.

    1. Que Pasa (they sell everywhere, but they have their plant in Richmond where you can get fresh tortillas - phone to see if they still do that.).
      EL Surreno on Commercial
      Los Guerreros on Kingsway
      Also - if you phone ahead, you can order fresh Masa from South China Seas Trading (Granville Island and also Victoria Dr). You can also get fresh masa from the other stores listed above, but phone ahead to check availability.

      1. Killarney Market at E. 49th and Elliott