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Sep 13, 2009 05:50 PM

Edmonton: Whyte Ave or Mill Creek recommendations?

I'm visiting Edmonton next weekend after moving away almost 20 years ago. I used to live on Whyte Ave, and ate at Le Charles Mansion at least once a week. I also liked an Italian place on 81st or 80th Ave near 103. Alas, both seem to be gone!!! Anyone care to recommend something good in that neighbourhood? Preferably authentically ethnic (ie not Chianti, Yiannis, Julios Bario...) and not outrageously expensive (though I can afford better restaurants than I could as a student back then!)

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  1. A quick search provides you with this thread, and while there has been some changes since; it's a good start. Any other info you can provide would help with suggestions..specific likes, desires etc..

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      Thanks.... seems much has changed. I'm particularly interested in good Vietnamese, Italian, Portugese, Turkish, maybe Spanish. Most of the recs on the previous thread seem fairly geared to a non-adventurous palate, though there are a few I might try (like Churros)
      Any recommendations as a replacement for Le Charles Mansion? I was seriously addicted to the "special curried noodle soup with deep fried garlic mixed up"

      1. re: orphish

        Not Vietnamese but further south of Whyte you can find Thai and Laos - Syphay on Calgary Trail.

        The only Vietnamese I can think of near Whyte and Mill Creek is Phobulous (which has gotten mixed reviews). Otherwise you probably have to go to Chinatown.

        For Chinese near there, maybe Buddy Wonton? Origin India on Whyte for Indian.

        You should check out Culina in Mill Creek. Not ethnic but very good.

        1. re: anonymoose

          What dishes does Origin India do well?

          1. re: phoenikia

            I really liked their take on butter chicken - it uses less cream and is more tomato-based but is still rich and creamy tasting. The lamb was tasty too. Had a great mango lassi there also.

        2. re: orphish

          The closest thing to what you mention is a Persian restaurant called Sabzy on Whyte and 104st. I thought portions were slightly small for the price when I went, but the food was very good.

          Churros King is closed, so you can't try it, sorry.

          Langano Skies is on 100st and Whyte - they serve Ethiopian food. Not the best in the city imo, but decent and in the area.

          As far as I know the whole city is devoid of good Italian restaurants.

          There is a Vietnamese/Japanese restaurant called Maki Maki just south of Whyte on 101 st. I have never been - I stick to King Noodle in Chinatown for pho. Check it out and let us know?

      2. How about Doan's for Vietnamese? They have two locations, one of which is just behind Save On, on Calgary Trail south. In fact, I'm going there next week for lunch! Yum!