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9th Ave between 55th and 50th looked awesome: what do you like there?

Was walking to ward the subway from my samba class (!!) down 9th ave btwn 55th and 50th and saw dozens and dozens of interesting restaurants. Wondering what your favorites are along that stretch? Anything worth going out of my way for?

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  1. Eatery isn't bad, but the good find is the Tater Tots at Bar Nine. They also have a great happy hour and bands playing throughout the week.

    1. If you go down a few blocks to 9th amd 47th Street you'll find Hells Kitchen- really terrific, inventive Mexican. Bistro-like atmosphere, excellent service- mid-range prices. One of my favorite before or after theater places.

      1. Uncle Nick's, b/t 50th & 51st, has been a long-time favorite. Tasty Greek fare served in a large taverna-style setting. I wouldn't make a special trip to go there, but if you're in the area, it's worth a visit.

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          Yeah, I like Uncle Nick's. Years ago, when I seem to remember that the place was smaller, I had a very bad service experience there, but I went this summer for a later dinner and we had good service, tasty food, and low prices.

          Other places I like on that stretch are Wondee (the original) and Ariana Afghan, both between 52nd and 53rd Sts.

          1. i second uncle nicks.
            I also always reccemend delta grill for a muffaletta

            1. I second recs for Hells Kitchen and Uncle Nicks. I'd add Casellula, just west off 9th Avenue on 52nd St, which has put together a phenomenal menu based on cheese, beer, meets and breads, possibly in that order. Very unusual and worth a trip.

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                Second casellula if you like cheese and/or wine. Kyotofu is one I always recommend to those willing to delve outside the box; it's Japanese cuisine (not sushi)

              2. It's rather downmarket, but I go out of my way for Lucky's Famous which are somewhat akin to Shake Shack burgers. Empanada Mama, Wondee Siam and Casellula are good if you're in the neighborhood.

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                  Second Empanada Mama. Really tasty, and open later ... we hit it up after a (long) show one night.

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                    Ooh, I forgot Lucky's Famous - I feel like I'm having a heart attack every time I go, but completely delicious. For a (slightly) less fast-food-y burger or chicken sandwich, Island Burgers & Shakes is pretty good too, but be careful with their hot sauce.

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                      Second Nook- but often need reservations.

                      Eatery ok- had good mac and cheese

                    2. Thanks for all these great ideas. I'm psyched to try some!