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Sep 13, 2009 05:36 PM

Jacksonville Beach (or Neptune, Atlantic Beaches)

My sister, a rather snobbish New Yorker, is visiting me in about two weeks. I moved to Jax Beach a month ago and am not yet aware of all the seafood possibilities out here. Can someone make some recommendations of moderately priced seafood restaurants, preferably with good ambience. I'm familiar with Seafood Kitchen--good food on the cheap, but "diner" ambience. Would like something a bit nicer with less frying involved.


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  1. I would suggest taking her to LuLu's in Ponte Vedre.

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      Another option would be Slider's at Atlantic Beach.

    2. Though not as good as it once was and not exactly moderately priced my suggestion would Ragtime's in Atlantic Beach.

      1. Thanks, but none of those really appeal to me for various reasons. I happened to think of Singleton's in Mayport, where I went about 20 yrs. ago to meet my prospective in-laws for lunch. I had the best, freshest shrimp salad I've ever had. Has anyone been there in the past year or so? I would probably be taking my sister to lunch.

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          Well, no replies but I checked out the Singleton's site online and it still seems that's my first choice, but need a backup. Sis's trip was delayed until mid-Oct., which gives me a bit more time.

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            Skip Singleton's. While it's only a lunch option; check out Safe Harbor Seafood in Mayport. For dinner I highly recommend the Palm Valley Fish Camp.

            Safe Harbor

            Palm Valley Fish Camp

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              Prodigalchef, let's face it--everything in NYC is better! I lived there half my life, so feel comfortable stating that. I do understand what you mean by wanting to feel the soul of the chef in the food, but that's hard to come by down here. As for Gene's, I admit I only went once. And it was at their FCCJ South area location. I had stuffed sole. It was so salty, I could barely eat it. The hush puppies were like rocks. I don't even remember the remainder of my meal, which says a lot. Perhaps the Penman Road location is better and I might give that a chance at some point.

              FL32082, thanks for the links to other options. I will check them out.