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Sep 13, 2009 05:33 PM

taste of santa monica 09

just got back from my first taste of santa monica at the s.m pier.....actually kind of waddle home.. had a great time..I had no intention of going untill a friend at my sunday service offered me a vip wrist band good for entrance and unlimited tasting..of course i jumped at it can wait..beautiful day on the beach

as in any of these events or have to pace yourself and the first tastes are always the faves : beachcomber cafe - crab cakes, ahi tuna tacos
chart house - coconut shrimp, ahi nachos
i cugini - chilled mussels
ocean ave. seafood - bass scallop ceviche
wokcano - chopped spicy tuna
enterprise fish co. - old school shrimp cocktail
swingers - cupcakes
caffe bellagio - hazelnut gelato

my misses bubba gump - fried shrimp & hush puppies
el cholo - green corn tamale

add some wine and several other tastes and gluttony be thy name..

met two top chefs..c.j , who is at the yard and stefan , last season runnerup..who now has stefan's at l.a . farm.. both were nice...

today marks the first and only time(i hope) that I turned a hot fudge brownie sundae from ruby's

fun time ...will be walkng to san diego to get calories off....

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  1. Good recap... I also enjoyed the Chilaquilles from FIG and I will say, I liked the Ruby's Burger better than either of the slider choices that day...

    My fave of the event, the Potato Tacos from Cuidad... not much to look at, but man the flavors!!