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Sep 13, 2009 05:22 PM

Children's Birthday Party Lunch

Every party I go to with kids they always serve pizza. It is def a go-to food b/c most kids tend to love it. Is there ANY other option to serve at a birthday party that is equally as well recieved by kids?

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    1. Why don't you make a variety of sandwiches (pb&j, turkey, ham, etc) and cut them into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

      You could also make grilled cheese or a big batch of mac and cheese (to make it more "fun" you can use different food dyes).

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      1. re: Jacey

        i like the grilled cheese or mac & cheese idea...what kid doesn't love both of those?!

      2. Fruit and cheese kebabs. Chicken cubes alternated with cucumber and melon, ham cubes alternated with pineapple ( at room temperature).

        1. Must admit we often do pizza. But my son loved his 5th birthday teaparty (at lunchtime). We served hot chocolate from a teapot into demitasse cups, passed a sugarbowl with minimarshmallows in it instead for topping. Made a healthyish quick bread, little sandwiches (kept it simple: some ham, some cheese, some jam) in different shapes, minimuffins etc. Dish of pickles and carrot slivers. Some cut up fruit. Then of course cupcakes. Sadly I didn't have one of those tower-shaped tea trays.

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            Wow that sounds like so much fun! I would've loved that as a kid (actually, I still do now).

          2. kids often enjoy having control, so they tend to enjoy "bars." i.e. the ice cream bar or baked potato bar or taco bar...

            chicken tenders are popular and can be made more healthy, if that's a concern.
            waffled sandwiches are fun

            sometimes it's good to start with a theme, i.e...
            western - sloppy joes, chili, beans
            princess - pink lemonade, sandwiches cut in stars and hearts, cheese cut in shapes, crackers
            pirate - fish'n'chips, mac
            mini- mini pigs in a blanket, baby carrots, mini burgers