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Brand recommendations for MULTIGRAIN bread (available at grocery stores)???

passthatversace Sep 13, 2009 03:55 PM

I'm looking for recommendations for multigrain bread available at chain grocery stores. It must be healthy (re: primarily whole grains as opposed to enriched or refined) AND taste good at the same time. If you could list the approx. price, that'd be much appreciated!

I have to adopt a low GI diet as I am insulin resistant, and am hoping that multigrain bread will taste a lot better than whole wheat bread - yet keep my blood sugar from spiking at the same time ;) Thanks!

  1. b
    bertrandw Sep 13, 2009 03:57 PM

    I personally like Country harvest. Easily found at loblaw's and IGA at 3.29$ a loaf

    1. Haggisboy Sep 13, 2009 04:18 PM

      As a borderline diabetic, I too have to pay attention to what breads I buy. I've become partial to two from Boulangerie St-Methode, which you can find in pretty much any supermarket in Montreal. One is their no fat or sugar added line of pre-sliced loaves, and the other is their terrific Vieux Moulin line of pre-sliced crusty bread loaves. The latter is quite tasty for a store-bought bread.


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      1. re: Haggisboy
        C70 Sep 14, 2009 07:41 AM

        I second the St-Methode rec. The sugar/fat free loaves taste great.

        1. re: C70
          devilishlyj Sep 15, 2009 08:50 AM

          I buy St-Methode too! Pretty much stick to this one: http://www.boulangeriestmethode.com/c...

      2. p
        passthatversace Sep 13, 2009 05:59 PM

        Thanks to everyone for the recommendations thus far. Keep em coming!!

        1. Richelle Sep 13, 2009 07:12 PM

          The one I like to get that has no added sugars or fats, they use olive oil and sea salt is Viltalité from Gadoua. It is more expensive but I still buy it with six kids in the house!
          They have several kinds, some are oats, some multigrain and one that is made with unbleached flour, looks a lot like white bread with non of the sugars and additives. The bread contains a minimum of ingredients and is worth a try.
          Good luck!

          1. Chocolatine Sep 14, 2009 12:45 PM

            After trying a bunch of brands, I like the Bon Matin Grains Rustiques, made in Québec, or it's cheaper equivalent, Nos Compliments Balance breads available at IGA. They have the same ingredient list. They're filling, filled with grains and not too soft - I like a slice that holds its shape.

            I alternate these with Country Harvest products, mostly the Flax or Honey and Oats breads. I always have a loaf in the freezer, for times when we're out of Première Moisson bread :-)

            1. p
              passthatversace Sep 14, 2009 07:06 PM

              Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I was at Metro today and saw that the St-Methode ones were on sale for $3.29, so I picked up a loaf. I really hope it'll taste better than whole wheat bread!!! Thanks again everyone!!

              1. m
                mtlmaven Sep 14, 2009 08:57 PM

                I used to hate whole wheat bread until I tasted the Bon Matin Grand Blé. It is delicious. It manages to be moist and chewy, nutty and tasty. I think it is the best. It's approximately 3.27$ per loaf or 2.87$ at Walmart (I know, I know).

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                1. re: mtlmaven
                  passthatversace Sep 15, 2009 06:38 PM

                  wow, the $2.87 has me sold!! i will try that brand next time :)

                2. w
                  Whygee Sep 15, 2009 06:54 AM

                  If it's still on the stand, you should pick up a copy of "Protégez-vous" (the Québec equivalent of Consumer report). They have a complete chart and in depth article on multigrain breads.

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                  1. re: Whygee
                    passthatversace Sep 15, 2009 06:37 PM

                    thanks for the heads up!

                  2. e
                    Evilbanana11 Sep 15, 2009 06:59 AM

                    I like the bread that Cultures uses for their sandwiches. Does anyone know where we can buy them?

                    1. é
                      épikurien Sep 19, 2009 10:21 PM

                      Protégez-Vous magazine reviewed the best breads in their most recent issue and you're lucky, I got them right here!

                      The best of the best:

                      Bon Matin Grains Entiers: 12 céréales or Grains Rustiques or Prébiotique Orge et Tournesol

                      Bon Matin Healthy Way: Blanc - Blé - Multigrain

                      Boulangerie Stone Mills Grains Fermés: 3 céréales - Seigle aux 12 céréales

                      Compliments: Multigrain intégral - Équilibre 12 céréales entières et graines- Équilibre Multicéréales entières

                      Country Harvest: 100% blé moulu à la meule - Avoine et miel - 12 céréales - Lin - - 7 céréales - Son d'avoine - Tournesol et lin

                      Dimpflmeier Healthy living prebiotic: Multigrain

                      Food for life Ezekiel 4:9 100% grains germés entiers - Sésame - Genèse Grain et graines germés

                      Gadoua Vitalité: Tendre blé

                      Intégral : Lin et soya - Multigrains - Nature

                      Meule de pierre: Épeautre de riz - Légumineuses germées - Pain avec millet - Pain avec son d'avoine - Sarrasin

                      Nature-bio: Intégral

                      Nutriforce: 9 grains germés - 100 bléintégral, germé - 100% de blé entier - Blégermé avec graines de lin - Épeautre germé - Kamut germé - Pain protéine

                      Pom d'or: 100% blé entier

                      Pom smart: Sandwich, 100% blé entier

                      Première Moisson Montignac: Intégral bio au levain

                      Provigo: 7 grains - Céréales à l'ancienne - 12 céréales - Multigrains

                      There are 59 breads that are qualified "good" only and might as well settle for the best ones.

                      You can check out the crappiest breads for free at:


                      They're mostly white breads. Psh, white bread = Food blasphemy.

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                      1. re: épikurien
                        passthatversace Sep 20, 2009 11:52 AM

                        wow, thank you so much for taking the time to type that out! i really appreciate it!!

                        1. re: passthatversace
                          épikurien Sep 22, 2009 01:14 AM

                          Yeah (^_^)!

                          You better print the list b/c last time they reviewed bread, it was way back in 2000/2001!

                          1. re: épikurien
                            passthatversace Sep 22, 2009 06:17 AM

                            yup, i copy and pasted it into a word doc :)

                        2. re: épikurien
                          BLM Sep 20, 2009 12:03 PM

                          It this based on taste or nutritionally?

                          1. re: BLM
                            épikurien Sep 22, 2009 01:16 AM

                            It's based on nutritional value: if it has white wheat flour in it , it's GTFO.

                            Same thing if it has too much salt.

                            1. re: épikurien
                              passthatversace Sep 22, 2009 06:17 AM

                              it's too bad that the st-methode brand that i purchased isn't on the list (or at least the portion of the list you posted), b/c i quite like it! will def try bon matin or country harvest next time

                              1. re: passthatversace
                                Haggisboy Sep 22, 2009 09:28 AM

                                Ste-Methode's rustic, pre-sliced crusty breads bagged under the name La Recolte du Vieux Moulin (sorry if I may have mangled the French) are simply fantastic, and consistent in their quality. They have two types (that I've tried), an Oatmeal version and a 9 Grain Version, the latter being the better of the two.

                                They're a bit pricey, however, as most places seem to sell them for around $4 a loaf, but they're large loaves.

                        3. e
                          everyonelovessushi Sep 22, 2009 12:23 PM

                          Gadoua has a product it's pushing right now called multi-go. It's advertised as a "white bread" with 14 whole grains in it. You can fill your freezer with it, if it's what you want, from Intre-Marche on Park, it's on sale for 99 cents a loaf.

                          1. m
                            mtlalex Sep 23, 2009 09:27 AM

                            My personal preference leans to Dimpflmeier - although it's aimed at the German/central European market rather than the health market, in fact the ingredients are much more convincing that the "health" offerings of the big commercial players. (Bon Matin, POM, etc.)

                            They don't carry it at Loblaws.

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