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Sep 13, 2009 03:51 PM

slightly embarassing question

are there any bars with private karaoke rooms for rent that have decent drinks/snacks? looking for something for a family reunion...

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  1. Nothing to be embarassed about as it sounds like one fun family reunion. Keats on 2nd Avenue by 45th Street have been doing big screen karoke with a stage.

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      Keats has karaoke Fri & Sat eves starting at 9 pm. On Fri eve, kitchen is open, Sat eve, kitchen closes at 8pm, but they do allow you to bring food in from outside. It does NOT have a private karaoke room, but the regular crowd, which starts filling the place around 11pm, will liven up your reunion by celebrating with you. Dan, the KJ, will acknowledge your party & encourage the others to whoop it up w/ you. Fun atmosphere.

    2. Japas karaoke (there are 3 locations on 38, 27th and somewhere else) have specials where you can get sushi, appetizers and unlimited beer, wine and sake for about 35 dollars pp excluding tax and tip. The food is alright.

      You can also go to one of the places in Koreatown like Toto and get a large room and BYOB and BYOF.

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      1. re: windycity

        i think the third japas is on 55th off b'way. i'm not really a karaoke person but went to a party at the 38th street one and it was fun with a nice room, decent sake and good appetizers. didn't love the sushi but i'm kinda picky with that

        1. re: david sprague

          I don't think it's the best quality sushi in the city, we usually just get the rolls. For a karaoke bar, it's alright food. Definitely wouldn't count it as the greatest meal I've had but sadly I've had worse in real restaurants that were more expensive. I ditto Edwin's suggestion about calling ahead and reserving. The only caveat with Japas is that you usually have to say how many people will be coming b/c they need to prep the food and they will charge you for that number of people so if you have a no show, it kinda sucks.

          Forgot to add, I've also had good times at Lemongrass Grill's basement karaoke near Union Square including a rollicking good time on Halloween. Apparently Lemongrass closed according to yelp but the downstairs is still open and there's a new restaurant on top which I haven't tried. If you go after a certain hour, their kitchen is closed and you can bring in whatever food you want. However, this is a communal space, not sure if they have private rooms.

        2. re: windycity

          One more piece of info - two members of our party are 20. Some of these places seem to be 21 and over at night, so if anyone specifically knows places don't have that, that would be helpful! (honestly though, the 20 year olds may decide they are too cool to sing michael jackson with a bunch of old people)

        3. I recently went to a great Karaoke party in the cool back room at Jeollado in the East Village. A bunch of rather good sushi was served by our hosts.

          1. I agree with windycity about TOTO on 32nd and 6th, even though it's BYOB. They have all different types of room sizes, great service, good prices, and they have tons of menus for you to order food and have it delivered.

            1. top tunes...perfect.
              Popcorn - White Truffle & Parmesan - 6

              Cashews - Seasoned & Carmelized - 5

              Samosas-Vegetarian/Mango Chutney - 7

              Coconut Shrimp - Sweet Chili Dip - 10

              Beef Satay - Yuzu Pepper - 11

              Edamame - Japanese Sea Salt - 6

              Jamon Serrano (Spanish style ham) - 12

              Popcorn Shrimp - 8

              Coconut Shrimp
              (Crunchy and tender) - 10

              Panko Chicken - Tamarind BBQ - 8

              Mini Burgers (3ps. w/ cheese & lettuce) - 10

              Crab Cake Burgers (2 pcs. w/blue cheese) - 12

              Waffle Fries (Fried potatos) - 6

              Buffalo Wings (5ps. spicy chicken wings) - 8

              Shumai (Pork) - 6

              Cheese (Manchego, goat, or sheep cheese w/ quince jam) each 7/ assorted - 16

              Olives and Caper Berries
              (Mixed olives and caper berries) - 6

              Chorizo - 8