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Sep 13, 2009 03:47 PM

Pecan Pie in New Mexico? Also, wine/alcohol question?

Will be in Albuquerque and Santa Fe but also down to Las Cruces where the pecan groves are ... any great pecan pie to be had?

We're looking forward to a lot of places but we like wine with dinner; make that pretty good wine. Can we bring our wine into most restaurants into New Mexico?

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  1. I can say for Cruces that though pecans are definitly in abundance here, I can only think of a few places that do a good pecan pie, but I dont know if any of them would be considered "great" SI Italian Bistro & Bakery on Idaho does a wonderful array of desserts, and with fall arriving they should start with pecan pies again soon, though it may not be until October. I'm having a hard time coming up with other local places, (I exclude Village Inn, because A. its not local, and B. no they dont have America's favorite pies thank you very much) that specialize in pies/desserts that havent recenlty closed. Though you could definitely check the Big Chair, on the corner of Picacho and Motel Blvd. Their dessert selections are quite lovely. Also Stahman farms, which I assume you are going to, does a pecan pie, but I havent had it in years.

    I would like to quickly add, that since you are going to be in NM you should give New Mexico wines a try. While in Las Cruces treat yourself to a meal, or an afternoon nosh at St. Clair Winery and Bistro. Its on Avenida de Mesilla, on the way into Mesilla. You could have lunch their, and then continue on the same road all the way out to the Stahman Farms. St. Clair has quite a few lines of wine under their name, and are starting to get more and more national coverage. One of their wines just took the top award at the largest wine competition in the country. Its worth the experience at least to check them out.

    As for bringing in your own wine, I don't belive its allowed in much, if not all of NM. Certainly not in Las Cruces.

    1. You cannot bring your own wine into restaurants in ABQ or Santa Fe.

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        OTOH, most places that I have been to in Santa Fe have had a very good wine list. One would be hard-pressed to better most from their own cellar.

        Cannot speak of ABQ, but would assume that the higher-end restaurants are similar.



        1. re: Bill Hunt

          That's a shame. Everywhere on the west coast you can bring your own. And when we eat in cheaper places we want to bring our own, we are not planning many "high end" meals. Thanks for the info. I also think it isn't about "bettering" their list, but rather that some lists are outrageously overpriced, at least out here. In Portland and Seattle we'd rather bring a $25 bottle we have and pay a $10 corkage than pay $70 for a $25 bottle of wine. We drink a lot of wine. :) Thanks very much for the info though, I'll assume it is statewide as it apparently is in Colorado too, darn it.Thanks for the pie and Las Cruces wine tip too.

          1. re: ejohn

            I may be wrong, but our more conservative laws regarding alcohol sales and consumption, are in part due to the high number of DWI accidents and deaths in the state. We dont have the best track record when it comes to keeping drunks off the streets, so they are a bit stricter with the alcohol liscencing and laws here.

            1. re: ma_bell_deve

              The no byo wine is not a by-product of New Mexico's DWI problem. This lousy law has been in place since I've been here, which is 33 years now. You used to not be able to purchase package liquor on Sunday, so that law has actually been loosened. You probably remember we had drive thru liquor windows...they've been gone for years. Didn't help the DWI problem, though.

            2. re: ejohn

              You are correct, the same "no bring your own" applies to CO. Sorry..

        2. Savory Fare Restaurant on Montgomery Blvd. in Albuquerque makes wonderful pecan pie. They don't carry it every day however. If you wanted to order a whole pie, I'm sure you could call ahead and order one. If you just want a slice, you'd need to take your chances they had one available that day.