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Sep 13, 2009 03:43 PM

7 days in Narragansett...where to eat??

My family and I are spending a week in RI right on Sand Hill Cove in about a week.

I'd love a run down on fancy, family, seafood, lobster, etc and whatnot for september.

We're huge on farm to table as well and don't mind driving 30+ minutes.

farm markets and health foood stores a +++++


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    1. re: OrganicLife

      Matunuck Oyster Bar. Good fresh fish and $1 Matunuck oysters 4-6 Mon-Thurs. They also have items other than fish. It is on Succotash Road a short distance off of Rte 1, on the right. They have an outdoor deck (weather permitting) as well as indoor seating. We always enjoy it there.
      Champlins. Casual place in Point Judith near the Block Island Ferry. Best when the weather is nice so you can sit outside overlooking the fishing boats, which is our reason to go to Champlin's. The usual assortment of fried seafood, and a few other non-fried items, and lobster.
      Spain- in Narragansett- always a favorite of ours for a really nice meal (Spanish food
      )I know there are other places favored by Chowhounders in the Narragansett area, but I am not so familiar with those. You can do a search within this board.

      In Westerly we like 84 High Street, Bruna's Table, Guytanno's, Thai Pepper, and Vetranos ( good for families- decent food). I am not sure I would travel for any of these, though, from Narragansett, since I think there are good places in the Narragansett/Wakefield area.
      The Shelter Harbor Inn is lovely, and is always good as well, though it has gotten a bit pricey. (Rte 1, just over the Westerly/Charlestown border.)
      Have a great week!

    2. For the kids - 3 stops.

      Calvitos bakery in Point Judith plaza (not sure of the actual name) they have THE best pizza strips.

      Allies Donuts on route 1, 15 minute drive from Narr. but they are homemade and perservatives though so they go stale them that day! even as an adult i love the multi color jimmies with white frosting!

      Spain is great and I like Aunt Carries (although you will get mixed reviews here) very fresh seafood and reasonable IMO, love the rasin bread and fresh pies served with sit down dinners.....I grew up going to the place.

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      1. We stayed this summer at the Ocean Rose Inn right on Ocean Avenue. There is a wonderful restaurant in the Inn called Tutle Soup. We enjoyed two dinners there. We also had a great dinner at the Italian restaurant at the Holiday Inn on Tower Road in So. Kingston (about 10 minutes from center Narragansette). I think the name is Aleia's. The breaded swordfish is very special and they make their own house salad dressing that we all thought was wonderful.
        Also had a good breakfast and a fun lunch at Crazy Burgers. We also had apps (great chowder) and drinks at the bar in Trio. There's a wonderful farm stand a little down the road, Carpenters, on Matunick Beach Road. Enjoy your Vacation.