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Sep 13, 2009 03:40 PM

What magazine this month did I see the blueberry buckle recipe?

I read several magazines last week, Fine Cooking, Yankee,Country Living and maybe one other, can't remeber for sure but I am sure I saw a recipe about maine blueberries and then a recipe for blueberry bukcle. I just went through them and can't find the darn recipe now. Am I crazy? Did anyone else see the short article and recipe? Thanks!!!!

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  1. JJ, I've been wracking my brain all morning since reading your query--I saw the same recipe and thought it sounded amazing. Flipped through every damned food magazine in the house (and there are LOTS) and couldn't find it; then remembered looking at "Maine Home + Design" for the first time at a friend's house over the weekend. Could that be it?

    1. Internet, maybe? This recipe was linked to a lot --

      1. I specifically remember the article talking about blueberry buckle, blueberry grunt, etc and what other names across the country were for the same thing.

        1. Don't know what you were reading and this isn't blueberry but perhaps it will still be helpful:

          1. There was an article like this in last month's Saveur (the one with the burger on the cover, I think) but it was about huckleberries. It did you say you can substitute blueberries for one of the recipes. Did you read that issue?
            I'll see if I can find it online for you.

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                Thanks toveggiegirl! The Gourmet article is the one I read but not in Gourmet,,go figure.

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                  How odd! Did you find the recipe you wanted?
                  I was also going to suggest this CT article:

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                    That's where I read ! Thanks, I was going nuts! I thought it was one of the magazines and didn't even think about the CT Post!!! Thanks so much!

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                      I'm so glad to help. It started to drive me crazy too! I definitely had too much time on my hands. ;-)