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Sep 13, 2009 03:33 PM

Is Kobe beef all its cracked up to be?

Ive heard mixed opinions about Kobe beef. I am curious if it is worth spending the $$$$ on it. We will be in Kobe in about a month's time. We didn't want to spend too much on fancy meals but since we dont know the next time we will be there we are willing to try it if its worth it. We are beef lovers so were very excited for it until we heard some "its not worth it" comments from other travellers.

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  1. I guess it depends on the travellers. For instance, when my wife and I visited Tokyo and had kobe beef for the first time, the experience so spoiled us that we refused to eat steak when we returned to North America. Nothing compares to a nicely marbled, perfectly grilled piece of kobe.

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        I guess that answers our question! Kobe beef it is! Just out of curiousity, just HOW expensive is it?

        1. re: skwongmontreal

          I went to kobe in March, and ate at A1 (there's a topic about it on here somewhere). I don't think I've eaten a steak since then here, it's hard to find something worthy. Then again I was a beef snob before that too ;-) As for cost, I think that each set teppenyaki meal was about Y70k I think. And that was a for the big steak, next time I'd go for the smaller since it's so rich.

          1. re: davew666

            70k???? That's almost US$800!! Did you mean 7k? :D

            1. re: Toshi

              Steak dinners there start at around Y6500. Y70,000 sounds quite excessive for that place.

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                lol - oops. For 70k you'd expect it to be pretty good wouldn't you? I meant 7k

                1. re: davew666

                  Try Sendai Gyu or Maesawa Gyu.

      2. I think the answer has to be "it depends".

        If you prefer tender, mild beef, then wagyu is perfect for you.

        But if you prefer something with a "meatier" flavour, then you'll be disappointed.

        Also, don't limit yourself to Kobe-gyu. A lot of places in Japan produce beef that is comparable to Kobe-gyu, and in many cases, it can be better. And even within Kobe-gyu, there are different levels of quality. Y7000 for teppanyaki dinner isn't really that expensive, so you're probably not getting the top-most quality beef. (I'm not saying the beef is bad in any way, but it just wouldn't be the best quality you could get).

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          Kobe beef at 5000-7000, Yakiniku Gyubei at Shibuya station is the only one I can refer to :

          In fact, the whole beef is bought, chosen and cut...
          At Kyoto, on the french H Splendide, on a Christmas diner, they served a beef raised on tatami with japanese spice... I am not sure it is a fix on the menu.