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Sep 13, 2009 03:26 PM

Glasgow recommendations solicited

San Francisco Chowhound here looking for Glasgow recommendations. I will have just spent two days in Edinburgh eating at The Witchery and Kitchin.

I'll be looking for local specialties; fish, game meats, hearty gastro-pub fare versus Indian or ethnic that I can get elsewhere.


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  1. Definitely worth trying Crabshakk on Argyle St. Smashing little seafood place, bar seating downstairs, tables upstairs.

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    1. You'll be wanting to include the Ubiquitous Chip, which has been around for donkey's years and is, erm, ubiquitous. Lots of local produce and modern spin on traditional Scottish dishes.

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        i've heard mixed reports about the ubiquitous chip with various freinds saying it is trading a bit on on past glories.

        last time i was in glasgow i ate at arisaig and had breakfast at left bank, both of which were wonderful (reviews on my blog, left bank won a best breakfast award a few years ago).

        i'll be back in glasgow next weekend and have booked arisiag again and was going to book rogano's but am now thinking about crabshakk (or could i go there for lunch and rogano's for supper?).

        i would be keen to hear about central glasgow breakfast recommendations.

      2. Hello, I second crabshakk and would also recommend fanny trollopes, stravaigin, and the italian caffe. For more fancy meals try La Valle Blanche or hotel du vin. If you want some reviews have a look at my blog

        1. I would certainly recommend Rogano in Glasgow and Two fat Ladies at the Buttery. Hotel Du Vin's restaurant is really nice but not exactly in the city centre. In merchant city there are a few nice pubs for a before dinner swally!
          Malmaison in Glasgow is ok, not great for the price.

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            Had good meals at the Buttery a few years back. Presumed it had gone out of business as I hadnt heard anything of it recently - good to know it's still around even if under a new guise.

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              Unfortunately the Buttery burned down a couple of years ago, we were there for dinner the night before and I had left some Plaisir Du Chocolat chocolates in their fridge, which didn't survive! Fortunately the wood paneled bar did survive and it has been taken over by the Two Fat ladies restaurants

          2. Surprised that folk here are recommending Hotel du Vin - hideously overpriced, no atmosphere, very average food. For my money best bets in Glasgow for Scottish food would be
            Meat: Fanny Trollopes on Argyll st.; Roastit Bubbly Jocks on Dumbarton Rd; No.16 on Byers Rd has changed management, but reports are very good. The Ubiquitous Chip is not fantastic food, but it's pretty reliable, and the atmosphere is good, and on weeknights you can eat off the good value Brasserie menu in the main restaurant
            Fish: I third Crabshakk, a great newcomer, and also Arsaig, Roganos (very traditional, expensive, but wonderful interior) and Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery. For more traditional old-style Glasgow seafood cafe in the daytime try Loch Fyne shellfish bar (no relation) by the Barras market in Calton (east Glasgow) - bowl of mussels for £2.50.
            In the Merchant city best Scottish fare is at Cafe Gandolfi, a Glasgow institution, and round the corner at Babbity Bowsters (good gastropub for lunch).
            For whisky pubs try the Pot Still (Hope st), Uisge Beatha (Woodlands rd) or Morrison's Bar on Clyde st.

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            1. re: TripleR

              I guess it depends on how far out the city centre you'd venture for food. Personally I wouldn't trust any restaurant located near the Barras. Cafe Gandolfi is amazingly good. There is another place called called the City Merchant which serves up suberb seafood.
              For pubs Uisge Beatha is lovely, I can also recommend the Bier Halle which is just off Buchanan Street.

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                Your recommendations were most timely. We just returned from four days in Glasgow and had a fine dinner at Two Fat Ladies. Our next night, the tomato fennel soup and Arbroath smokies in tomato and cream for me and saddle of rabibt for my wife were superb. Another night at Crabshakk was very good as well. And since we were there on a weekend, I sought out Loch Fyne Shelfish for a pint of mussels in a styrofoam cup to go for only £1.70