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Adonis Better Than Ever

blondee_47 Sep 13, 2009 03:17 PM

Have to give a current thumbs up to Adonis, on Sauve, altho there are others: fabulous picks of fabulous fruits and veggies at fabulous prices...service with a smile and meats so top grade even the finicky meat eater at my house never says no....IGA Loblaws Metro should all take their cues from this respectable supermarket where the customer demands the best goods and get them.

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  1. Haggisboy RE: blondee_47 Sep 13, 2009 04:23 PM

    When it comes to vegetables and fruits, Adonis seems to get the Grade A version of everything. Their produce is generally the largest and freshest I've found. Their cheese, deli and fish counters are no slouches either.

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    1. re: Haggisboy
      kpzoo RE: Haggisboy Sep 14, 2009 05:16 AM

      > When it comes to vegetables and fruits, Adonis seems to get the Grade A version of everything. Their produce is generally the largest and freshest I've found.

      Apparently that's because they actually have their own farms in Mexico, a source tells me.

      Has anyone been to the new Adonis at Place Vertu? Is it less crowded than the original?

      1. re: kpzoo
        C70 RE: kpzoo Sep 14, 2009 07:22 AM

        yes! HUGE! Busy busy already though, but more walking room, and many cashiers.

        1. re: kpzoo
          peloquma RE: kpzoo Sep 14, 2009 01:41 PM

          ------When it comes to vegetables and fruits, Adonis seems to get the Grade A version of everything. Their produce is generally the largest and freshest I've found.-Apparently that's because they actually have their own farms in Mexico, a source tells me.------

          It's a shame I find talk about Mexicain shipped veggies when we are in an amazing harvest season locally. I don't want to be a party pooper but...

          1. re: peloquma
            kpzoo RE: peloquma Sep 14, 2009 02:23 PM

            > It's a shame I find talk about Mexicain shipped veggies when
            > we are in an amazing harvest season locally. I don't want to be a party pooper but...

            I wasn't making a judgment about the good or bad of local vs. shipped-in produce, I was just commenting on how Adonis is able to have such snazzy produce year-round.

          2. re: kpzoo
            caramielle RE: kpzoo Sep 17, 2009 09:31 AM

            my grandparents have been going there almost every day since it opened (we live near by and they always go there to meet with their friends). The stuff there seems to always be cheaper and there's a large selection. I think now there's less people because it's been opened for a while...but really that place is HUGE! The lot that they took is probably one of the largest because I still remember when it used to be a Maxi and then when it changed to some wholesale clothing store a while back.

        2. mainsqueeze RE: blondee_47 Sep 13, 2009 04:55 PM

          Just make sure the prices at the cash are the same as in the aisles. They overcharged me for an item and the floor manager made a huge stink about giving me a refund. I was not impressed with the service I received there recently.

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          1. re: mainsqueeze
            mainsqueeze RE: mainsqueeze Sep 14, 2009 04:39 PM

            Although I have to admit their salted lemon pistachios are amazing.

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            passthatversace RE: blondee_47 Sep 13, 2009 05:59 PM

            Never been to Adonis before (I'm in LaSalle and it's too far)...is it comparable to Sami Fruits? This is where I usually get my fruits and veggies. If it's better, then I just might make the trip to Adonis!

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            1. re: passthatversace
              blondee_47 RE: passthatversace Sep 14, 2009 06:17 AM

              actually people here at the dog run, when talking food, like ALWAYS, speak highly of Sami Fruits but i have never been there....they go religiously and it is not in the area but about 10 min away

              1. re: blondee_47
                passthatversace RE: blondee_47 Sep 14, 2009 02:24 PM

                good to know! thanks! :)

              2. re: passthatversace
                Campofiorin RE: passthatversace Sep 14, 2009 06:44 AM

                Adonis is an actual grocery store whereas Sami is mostly a produce vendor. That being said, the prices at Sami are good but I always find the quality to be subpar. Adonis is a good notch ahead.

                1. re: Campofiorin
                  passthatversace RE: Campofiorin Sep 14, 2009 02:24 PM

                  i'm not much of a meat eater so i was inquiring specifically about produce :) so in terms of fruits and veggies, you find both the quality AND prices to be better than sami? if so....i must pay a visit! :)

                  1. re: passthatversace
                    Campofiorin RE: passthatversace Sep 16, 2009 09:33 AM

                    I think you got me wrong, the prices at Sami are surpringly low, but that's because the quality varies greatly whereas Adonis has better quality just by looking at the veggies. I never bought any as I'm used to JTM and I'm a habit person.

                2. re: passthatversace
                  breadandcoffee RE: passthatversace Sep 14, 2009 09:33 AM

                  There is an Adonis on the west island : 4601 Boul. des sources. Their fruit and vegetables are great. They also have an excellant butcher counter.

                  1. re: breadandcoffee
                    Haggisboy RE: breadandcoffee Sep 16, 2009 04:43 PM

                    As a West Islander, I can vouch for this. Plus, at their deli counter (I should curse myself for spreading this info), if you're in the mood for cold cuts and want to die and go to heaven, ask for their all beef Halal mortadella. They have two varieties, one embedded with pine nuts and the other with green olives. Both are fantastic. The meat also bears no resemblance to conventional mortadella and is dark red, but mamma mia it's good. Just make sure their Halal slicer is working as they can't just take this to another that's been used to cut ham, what with the religious restrictions and all.

                  2. re: passthatversace
                    ScoobySnacks20 RE: passthatversace Sep 17, 2009 09:04 AM

                    There is new Adonis at Cote-Vertu! Not far from Lasalle if you take the 13. Quality better than Sami. The new location is less chaotic than the Sauvé one.

                    1. re: ScoobySnacks20
                      passthatversace RE: ScoobySnacks20 Sep 17, 2009 05:01 PM

                      Thanks for the heads up!

                  3. f
                    foodie_mtl RE: blondee_47 Sep 14, 2009 09:59 AM

                    They have the best prices for deli and cheese items. they also have great meat specials. When the filet mignon is on special, I run as it is possible the best deal on tenderloin in town! Quality is almost always guaranteed since they have huge product turnover.

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                    1. re: foodie_mtl
                      Plateaumaman RE: foodie_mtl Sep 14, 2009 11:52 AM

                      I love their marinated meats, the shish taouk and souvlaki pork, also the ground lamb is delicious and affordable. I also like to pick up fresh manakish (very addictive), cashew nuts, a fresh, cleaned ripe pineapple for $3.50, whatever fruit is on special .. wonderful honeydew melons recently.

                      I am thinking of going to one of their stores offering fish as well but wonder if it is worth the extra drive?

                      1. re: Plateaumaman
                        lagatta RE: Plateaumaman Sep 14, 2009 12:47 PM

                        Their site says the fish specials at the Sauvé location (which would be the closest to the Plateau, and you can do that at the same time as a visit to Marché central) are available at nearby Sirène de la mer, 1805 Sauvé W.

                        I like Adonis very much but don't get there often as it is a trek by bicycle but do go there when I'm shopping at MEC at Marché central. www.adonisproducts.com This site includes locations and weekly specials. (This week 1lb of almonds for $2.49!)

                        1. re: lagatta
                          Campofiorin RE: lagatta Sep 14, 2009 01:34 PM

                          For me the real killer is not the distance, it's the parking. This place is crazy for parking and get mad every time I go which means not very often just because it's such a pain unless you go there very early on the weekend.

                          1. re: Campofiorin
                            C70 RE: Campofiorin Sep 14, 2009 02:25 PM

                            then go to the Place Vertu location, campo.

                            1. re: C70
                              Plateaumaman RE: C70 Sep 14, 2009 04:42 PM

                              Oh cool, didn't realize they were affiliated with Sirene de la mer. After all the effort of parking it is easy to walk from one to the other.

                              1. re: Plateaumaman
                                ios94 RE: Plateaumaman Sep 15, 2009 09:49 AM

                                I live near the Sources location and work by the Cote Vertu one. The Cote Vertu location seems to offer more of a fish selection. I find their fruits and veggies are really hit and miss even in the summer. Had some very good watermelon and grapes this summer but at the same time some brutal peaches and horrid garlic. The great thing is some of their specials, it seems that some are not even advertised in their flyer. Had some decent whole seabass a few weeks ago for $4/kg, as someone else mentioned beef tenderloin for real low, not the highest quality but still very decent. And they have all the other necessities, feta (try the creamy Egyptian one), nuts, cheeses, etc..

                                Even their take out in the back is decent, the place is a zoo during lunch and after work. Whole roast chicken for $8, their shish taouk is $5 with tax but I find it better than Amir, etc..

                                Oh and try those rolls they have next to the zatar's, I'm not sure what they are called (the eggroll looking snacks with cheese and meat).

                                1. re: ios94
                                  Haggisboy RE: ios94 Sep 16, 2009 04:54 PM

                                  Adonis' fish counter is probably the best among Montreal's supermarket chains. However outside of the big sellers like sole, haddock, cod, salmon and trout, you need to pay attention to their sale signs when a fish - particularly a more exotic one like Orange Roughy goes on sale. Often when the price is eye-poppingly low for these rarer varieties the sale sign for the fish will read "decongele" or thawed from frozen, meaning you can't re-freeze it.

                                  Also, if you're familiar with their BBQ chicken you must be in love with the garlic sauce they supply with it? For those not in the know, when you by a BBQ chicken at Adonis, not only is the bird massive, but when they package it for you they wrap it in a honking large pita and provide you with this amazing, artery clogging garlic sauce that will blow you away.

                              2. re: C70
                                Campofiorin RE: C70 Sep 16, 2009 09:34 AM

                                Could do that I guess but how far am I willing to go for grocery shopping?

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