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Sep 13, 2009 02:54 PM

Birthday in Quakertown/Allentown area

I'm looking a place for my sister's birthday in the Quakertown Area. I was thinking about the restaurants at the Promanade such the Melt. My sister has a little one, so I'm looking for a place that's not stuffy. My sister enjoys quality cuisine and drinks especially beer. My mother likes "meat and potatos", so no sushi or Asian food. Italian and seafood are ok.

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  1. You could try the Farmhouse in Emmaus -- not exactly Quakertown but not too much farther. I recommend it b/c you mentioned beer -- they always have around 7 beers on tap, and a lot more in bottles, and they know their beer there. It's fine dining, so might be out of the question depending on how little the little one is, but you could always call and ask how they'd feel about it. There's also seating downstairs in the bar area that's more casual. The food would probably appeal both to meat-and-potatoes types and more adventuresome eaters.

    There's another recent thread about Melt, you can see my post about it there.