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Sep 13, 2009 01:26 PM

Is no one chowhounding about Piranha Killer Sushi?

It is awesome from a service stand point, to interior and mostly quality. It is not Uchi, nor is it trying to be (thank goodness) as there is only one Uchi and that is all we need, in a good (actually, great) way. Go. Now. It is Killer!

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  1. Bearing in mind that you're posting on chowhound perhaps write a few words about the food?

    What did you have?

    How did it taste?

    What's on the menu?

    Now please expand on "service stand point".

    How is the service?


    What does the interior look like?


    How is the quality? How would you compare the quality to your sushi standard bearers?What are your sushi standard bearers?

    Tell us more about why we should "go now" and what makes it "killer"

    I'd love some details.

    1. Was hoping there would be a review on this place by now, but I'll check it out on Thursday night and report back. If you've been anything we shouldn't miss or that we should skip?

      1. My bad. We went about two months ago with a coupon.

        It was dead-empty on a Friday at lunch. I'm not one that's keen on the new trend to pile everyone up against the wall in a long booth, but other than that, the atmosphere was nice.

        We started with the pork dumplings, which arrived steaming hot, crunchy on the outside moist and flavorful on the inside. Dipping sauce was addictive, with hints of bitter/sweet/savory/salty in each bite. Highly recommend.

        We shared a spicy tuna roll (meh...), an eel roll (pretty typical) and the tri-color sashimi roll - tuna, salmon, white tuna, chives, crab, with hand peeled cucumber. This roll was really nice - very clean and refreshing. It was rolled with the hand-peeled cucumber, which gave it a wonderful fresh crunch. This roll and the pot stickers are worth going back.

        Typical sushi prices.

        1. sounds dangerous lol.

          no but on a side note, what are the better sushi places in town? im a poor brown person so the only time ive ever gone for sushi is with my white friends who are more interested in sake deals

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          1. re: glorpisgod

            I go to Banzai across from Central Market for cheap, fresh sushi. You can get out of there for under 10 bucks at lunch time and the quality, while not likely to give Uchi a run, is good for the price. A friend of mine who's been cooking in Austin for the last 15 years went to Piranha and said he'd never go back. Didn't press for details.

            I think the Sushi Izagaya [shuttered] folks have a sushi bar up north somewhere. Their downtown location would give you a mountain of fresh fish for 18 bucks at lunch time. Maybe that's what closed em down?

            1. re: glorpisgod

              Uchi is amazing. If you don't want to break the bank, order a la carte sushi and avoid their mains menu. Spaced out with some well-timed shrimp tempura (best I've ever had) and pumpkin tempura, you can get full and happy w/o going in on a single nutty $30+ entree.

              Forgive them their absurd popularity, long waits, and whatnot. It isn't really fun to go there sometimes because of all that crap, but their food has held up despite their success.

              1. re: tom in austin

                I guess I'm just not cool enough for Uchi...thought the same thing of my self when I went and tried Mullberry.

              2. re: glorpisgod

                Agreed. This is not the best sushi place in town. I live up north and my go-to is Mikado. If I was in the neighborhood and wanted sushi, I'd go again.

                I've never even heard of Sushi Izagaya. Would love to hear more if they have a place up here, though.