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Sep 13, 2009 12:39 PM

Albondigas Soup

Hello Chowhounds, I just have a quick question about the albondigas soup you get here in socal area at about any mexican restaurant (,chain or otherwise) I want to try my hand at making this soup but when i research the recipes there is two ways to make this,with mint in the meatballs or with combinations of cumin,cilantro,and i think oregeno or parsley. Huge difference i'm sure. Whats the right one for the soup we have here in the LA /Valley area ? Im not sure if this is the right forum for a recipe Q. but you guys know alot about food and i know you know the soup im talking about. THANK YOU

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  1. Diana Kenney's recipe calls for mint, which is the one I use. To me it tastes very authentic, like the one at Mi India Bonita.

    1. Mint, huh? I'm in the Valley too so perhaps that's why it also stuck me as odd. Must be we get a different style of albondigas.

      My recipe uses half ground beef and half chorizo with finely minced carrot, cooked rice, cilantro and cumin.

      When I make the meatballs I make a double recipe and freeze half so I can make a second future batch with just the broth and veggies.

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        thanks for kickin me back an answer bob and rainey,I guess im going to have to try them both,also bob,I found recipes both with and without from diana,she has a couple i guess.Tonight my lady is going to try one and we will see......THANKS Scott

      2. I just had albondigas soup for the first time today and loved it! The restaurant where I ate it did say there was mint in the meatballs, though I didn't notice any. I searched this board for a recipe, but didn't find one.

        Anyone who's made it, does this sound like a good recipe? Or could you possibly share one of your own? :) There are lots of recipes on other food sites, but I'd love to hear from fellow hounds with favorites.

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          Sounds good and I'm going to try mint next time I make albondigas.

          The thing I'd recommend is leaving the veggies out of the broth until after you have gotten the meatballs set. That way you can drop the raw meatballs into rapidly boiling broth and let them have 5 minutes to set up firmly before you let it cool down some and add the veggies to simmer them cooked through.

          I also like a couple tablespoons of enchilada sauce or mole added to the broth.

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            Hi again! The simplyrecipes recipe wasn't like what they serve in my local restaurant. I did like the mint, but the recipe was short on flavor...which is really hard to understand, as the house smelled FANTASTIC when I walked in. Anyone have a better recipe to share?

            rainey, btw, I sexed mine up with a little sriracha and a tiny bit of tomato paste.