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Sep 13, 2009 12:10 PM

Grass-fed beef restaurants on the Westside?

What Westside restaurants do you know of, that are good, that sell grass-fed beef - burgers, steaks or whatever?

There's a useful thread here about where to find the cheapest grass-fed beef in STORES on the Westside, but I'm talking about dining out:

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  1. O! Burger in WeHo
    Bloom Cafe on Pico
    Boa Steakhouse in SM & WeHo
    X'otik in Culver City
    8 oz. Burger Bar in WeHo
    Let's Be Frank (grass-fed beef hot dogs) in Culver City
    Food on Pico in WLA
    Lucky Devils in Hollywood
    and finally, Cafe Surfas in Culver City serves a buffalo burger, but i don't know if it's grass-fed.

    BTW, if any of these places have closed recently, i apologize - the restaurant scene here in NY has taken many unexpected hits this year, so you never know.

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        I had a good grass fed new york strip at Dakota at the Roosevelt Hotel last week. most of their selection is dry aged corn fed, but they do have a grass fed ny strip and ribeye on the menu.

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          X'otik - I've driven by there and "have meant to stop by some time," but was wondering if anyone has tried this place? Is it Indo-fusiony?

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              GHG, thanks for posting the related threads and their website. I'll have to give them a whirl next time I'm in the area. Thanks again!

        2. Haven't been yet but the new La Cachette Bistro in SM appears to have a grass fed burger and a grass fed skirt steak on the menu -- both very good bets to be quality.

          1. The Counter serves grass fed burgers.

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              Just wondered where you saw that? I know that their website says they serve "fresh 100% natural angus beef" which is "hormone and antibiotic free" and "humanely raised / handled" but I never noticed anything about it being grass fed beef.

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                Servorg is right - according to an ABC affiliate interview from last year with managing partner Peter Katz, The Counter doesn't serve grass-fed beef...

                "The Counter uses corn fed because in blind taste tests, our customers prefer the rich beef flavor that a corn diet provides. Also, grass fed beef has a slightly gamier flavor."

              2. The original comment has been removed