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Sep 13, 2009 11:54 AM

Three Favorite Melt in Your Mouth Entrees in All of New Orleans (Mine, so far)

Absolutely melt in your mouth entrees

1. Emeril's NOLA
Texas garlic encrusted Redfish with bacon butter sauce

Filet Mignon with garlic crawfish sauce

3. DANTE's KITCHEN (Riverbend - Dante St)
Trio of mini filet mignons, each with it's own sauce

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  1. We had dinner at Dante's last night. We agreed the chicken under a brick is the best chicken we ever had, even better than any of our home-cooked chicken, which is saying a lot. The panna cotta and shrimp & grits was wonderful as well.

    1. I will chime in with my 3 favorite things:

      BBQ Shrimp at Mr.B's

      Muffaletta at Central Grocery

      Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sause at Bon Ton Cafe

      I realize these arent entrees but I just had to play.

      1. 1. The prosciutto wrapped scallop salad at Mat and Naddie's (followed by the chargrilled oysters which are the best in town imo)

        2. I just had an amazing piece of cobia at Coquette. The simple green salad is also perfection.

        3. flourless chocolate cake at One. This is your basic flourless but it is close to my house and the perfect dessert for a chocolate fiend like me. I am always so sad when I am too full to get it. Which happens alot since I always gorge on their homemade sourdough.

        Sorry I just couldn't limit myself to entrees - I'm always daydreaming about my perfect meal as a whole.

        1. yup.......nola's red fish.............bbq ribbs at the joint...........and the veal at Adolfo's

          1. I know I'm not a native, and have only been once, but this was easy for me even considering all the great food we had in NOLA.

            1. BBQ Shrimp at Mr. B's
            2. Vanilla Scented Duck at Luke
            3. Muffaletta at Central Grocery