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Sep 13, 2009 11:51 AM

Lake Almanor, Chester, Mt. Lassen area, need restaurant and food market recs

We will be staying in a cabin on Lake Almanor this month, (Mon-Fri. only). Will do some cooking in the cabin so would like food store recs but would really like to know good breakfast and dinner places. Nothing fancy. Anyplace around the lake is fine, we're staying in Prattville area, but willing to drive. Also we intend to spend some time hiking Lassen, so anyplace along the way would be helpful as well. Thanks

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  1. In this area, restaurants seem to open or go out of business weekly, so you should probably call first to see if they exist. If you don't mind a drive, my favorite Plumas County restaurants are Cafe Le Coq in Quincy and Longboards in Graeagle.

    Plumas County Dining Guide:

    Almanor Area Restaurants:

    Chester Dining Guide:

    Lake Almanor Area Dining Guide:

    1. We have a cabin in the Prattville area. In fact we will be there vacationing all of next week. For breakfast, you can't beat Carol's Camp Prattville Cafe. You wouldn't know it by the looks of this little down home looking place, but while the menu items are fairly simple, Carol is a professionally trained chef and turns out some excellent food. If you wait a little later in the morning after it warms up a bit, they have a nice deck to dine on.

      For lunch or dinner, Lakeside at the Pines is a good choice. (Also in Prattville). The food is decent (but not great). The atmosphere is what makes it. Sit on the deck and enjoy a great view of the lake and Mt Lassen. We like to go there for an early dinner and often just get some wine and a couple appetizers. If you go later in the evening and sit inside for a full dinner you will be less impressed.

      One place we haven't tried yet is Gamboni's Peninsula Grill. We have heard good things about it; especially the seafood. The menu looks very good. The only thing that has stopped us is the drive around the Lake. But if you are new to the area, a scenic drive could be a plus. We hope to try it next week.

      Check out the Plumas County Dining Guide. It has menu's and maps plus info on lots of other choices:

      Plumas County Dining Guide: