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Sep 13, 2009 11:46 AM

Asian food in Palmetto Bay

Moving to the Palmetto bay/Cutler Bay area. Was wondering if anyone knew of any good Asian Restaurants. I noticed in one of the shopping centers a restaurant called Gold China, is it any good? What about a Vietnamese restaurant that I drove by call Pho Thang? Are they any good and if now where should i go?

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  1. Pho Thang can be great though hardly atmospheric. The Asia market nearby is adequate with lots of produce for South Dade's ethnic population. In the other plaza are Sango (Jamaican), Caribbean Roti (Trinidad), and Marie's Patties.

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      Out of the 4 places your suggest, which one is best and do you have any menu suggestions. It will be nice to have some places for quick meals on the drive home. We now live in South Miami, so we both just added to our communte and are looking for some choices for those nights we are stuck in traffic and dont have time to cook.

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        I'm not crazy about Marie's, but all three of the others are interesting. Caribbean Roti has cheap filling things like the potato channa roti or the chicken. The woman will say something to you that you don't understand; she is asking in English whether you want pepper, meaning hot! Pho thang has all of the fine usuals, soft summer rolls, pho, and lots of bowls like curry or lemongrass. They seem consistently good. Sango has escoveitch (escabeche), stewed chicken, curries, jerk, etc. I usually order whatever is on special. Keep in mind these are inelegant places, but give up some good local flavors. 95% of the customers are locals. Where in South Miami are you living because there are a lot of little joints for takeout.

    2. China Gold is your typical "American" Asian food. But my kids love it and they deliver. The honey chicken and beef & broccoli are some of their favorites. Try Sea Siam in Pinecrest for some good Thai food.

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        Gold China can be quite inexpensive as well. Sea Siam has enormous portions and is pretty tasty, but I'm not crazy about most Thai restaurants here; we don't have enough Asian customers who are more demanding.