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Sep 13, 2009 11:19 AM

Blaue Gans for a romantic dinner?

Would you recommend Blaue Gans for a quiet romantic dinner - early mid-week?
What is the atmosphere? Recommend (or not) any particular dishes?
I'm very fond of Austrian food - but is the food there so rich it's really better in further into fall/winter? Thank you.

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  1. i love and hate blaue gans...i like the place itself, the location...but the food is wayyyyy overpriced for the quality. mid to high 20s entrees...possibly higher if i recall.

    frankly im surprised its still around considering the rent they must have and the amount of times ive seen it empty. i think if they lowered the prices and advertised themselves as an austrian casual food joint, id be there regularly. i dont think of it as romantic whatsoever but it does remind me of vienna. stick with classics like goulash and schnitzel and youll be fine.

    i suppose for romantic austrian, the answer would have to be wallse...guttenbrenner's flagship restaurant in the west village.

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      I'm surprised by how close in price Wallse and Blaue Gans are - Wallse is higher, but looks the part. The look and menu options, Blue Gans reminds me a bit of beisls in Vienna - except those Vienna beisls were a bit cheaper! .

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        BG used to be a reasonable deal for good Austrian food, but it became so popular they raised the prices to the point it was no longer worth it. Interesting to hear that it is not so popular these days. It's a shame, if it were priced right i would be back there in a minute. Wallse, though pricey, is a better value, and it could even be described as romantic, which BG definitely is not.

    2. What about Seasonal Restaurant and Wein Bar in Midtown? A sleek interior, yet quiet and romantic; we had an excellent meal. We were at Wallse about 2 months ago and had a phenomenal meal there as well (and we were celebrating a special occasion). I'd recommend either, without hesitation.
      The menus at both restaurants are very in-season. Of course they will offer you your schnitzel and spaetzel, but they also highlight seasonal veg, seafood, etc. It will only be really rich if you want it to be. Have fun!

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        It does look good - I've heard only of Wallse in this price range of austrian.

      2. It's loud in BG, and not terribly romantic. I'd head to Wallse.

        1. I've been to all three restaurants (Blaue Gans, Wallse and Seasonal). All have excellent food. Wallse is the most upscale of the three (and the most expensive). Seasonal is a new discovery for me, and I enjoyed it very much. Blaue Gans is more like a tavern or bistro -- not romantic at all. I don't think any of them as particularly romantic, yet they all have great food.