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Sep 13, 2009 10:46 AM

MSP: Sea Change

Went on Friday with wife and friend. It's a pretty and large space. Parking was easy. Metered street parking was available.

The white wine list was good. We had a nice glass of Cava ($9/$29 for a bottle). There were a lot of interesting choices. Albarinos, Verdehlos, Sauvignon Blancs, Gruners, Rieslings (why auslese but no spatlese?), and Chenin Blancs along with the Chardonnays I do not favor.

The "not white" side of the list didn't get much time from me.

We started with 6 oysters and the grilled octopus. The oysters were not cold enough for our taste. The sauces with the oysters were inventive. They're supposed to be kept cold between 0 and 4C. The octopus was good. They sous vide it then char it on a grill.

The servers nice but are a bit green. Tim McKee is the same guy who setup La Belle Vie which has in my experience what may be the most professional service in town. La Belle Vie is certainly in the top 5, so maybe I was expecting too much.

We had romaine salad and a salad with beets. Both were good. We ordered arctic char, rainbow trout and scallops. All were properly cooked. The accompaniments on the plate were interesting and well prepared. One thing...I couldn't tell the difference between the arctic char and the rainbow trout. Most rainbow trout in my experience are small fish and a whole fish makes a portion. This portion looked just like the arctic char (very salmon-like) but with different stuff on the side. Maybe they buy really big rainbow trout.

It's a good restaurant and I'll probably go back again. But it's not great.

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  1. I really liked Sea Change for lunch. The prices are much lower but the food is just as good as dinner, although they don't have the octopus appetizer then, which I have to say was scrumptious and possibly the best octopus dish I've had.

    1. Six of us went for lunch - business, so unfortunately no wine. The setting is beautiful - check out their website and browse through the pitures under "gallery" - "people & space."

      I agree with Jim - this place isn't great - yet. I see hints of brilliance, and I love the sustainable seafood concept. Due to time limitations we skipped app's, salads but tried several entrees and each had a dessert.

      The best dish was the bouillabaise. Interestingly, it contained tuna! The broth was slightly spicy, a nice undertone of saffron, and there was plenty of fish for a lunch portion - two shrimp, two scallops, a couple of mussels and clams, and nice solid approximate 3 oz. portions of tuna and halibut.

      I will note what the rest of the group had and their comments. I did not personally taste any of them. The crabcake looked OK. Was served in a bun with a nice heirlook tomato and lemon aioli. The artic char was deemed to be excellent, although the serving was extremely small - I would say barely 4 oz. fish and on top of a sauce and about 6 white beans. A fellow Foodie said the linguine was perfect, with a good portion of tender, garlicky rock shrimp.

      The desserts were, well, sublime. We tried one of each, from the trio of sorbets to the blueberry cheesecake to the chocolate caramel masterpiece. i wish I could recall more about them, but I am posting this about three weeks late so can't remember the fine details. I cannot forget, though, how spot-on wach dessert was. Beautiful service pieces, too.

      I will echo Jim's comment on service - nice, eager, but a little green. This is a good place to eat - I hope with a little more time they will improve to excellent. It had a full house on Wednesday at noon, and I have heard the place is packed at night.

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        I went a week ago Saturday night. Great atmosphere. I had the Octopus and Beet salad which I really loved. I also had the Sturgeon which was out of this world. I did not like the sauces that came with the oysters. The desserts did not interest us.