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Sep 13, 2009 10:45 AM

Dim Sum to go other than Yank Sing

Yet another dim sum question. I have a flight Friday AM out of SFO and would prefer not to buy the airline sandwich. I'll be arriving the day before and would like to find a place to buy dim sum to go. I am not sure how tight my schedule will be on Thursday so I might need a place I can get in and out of quickly that hopefully is open late afternoon. Anywhere in SF is fine that is accessible to public transportation or walk from 4th and Market. It doesn't have to be stellar, just something tasty that will travel well. I like Yank Sing, but would like to try something different. Thanks

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  1. There's good dim sum at the airport: Harbor Village in the south food court (pre-security) in the international terminal.

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      Dang! Great suggestion, but they open after my flight leaves. I'll check it out on my way back or go on Thursday. Thanks

        1. re: rworange

          Good stuff, but hardly someplace you can "get in and out of quickly." The line can be a beast.

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            The line is going to be nuts right about now because they are going to be in mooncake overdrive.

    2. Whenever I fly, instead of traditional dim sum, I find that Chinese bakery goods on self-serve shelves (including modern dim sum items, like the hot dog bao, tuna buns, pineapple buns etc.) are the most convenient. Also these should be available in the late afternoon, as opposed to traditional restaurant dim sum which you probably couldn't find.. These items keep very well overnight and are convenient to eat on the airplane. Any number of Chinese bakery/restaurant/cafes in Chinatown would fill the bill, including Washington Bakery & Cafe or A B C Cafe on Jackson.

      1. There are a number of good options at SFO. Dumplings are not likely to hold up very well overnight.

        Over by where Harbor Village is in the international terminal, there's an Emporio Rulli that has okay cookies and great pressed sandwiches. I've carried these on board and enjoyed hours later.

        Here's the rest of the airport concessions list with hours. Andale is pretty good although might be too late for you.

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          This is a great link to the airport eateries! Thanks!

        2. You should check out the "farmers market" food court in the Metreon. Lots of choices.

          There's also Heaven's Dog. They're open late.

          1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Metreon is close to my hotel.