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Sep 13, 2009 10:39 AM

Vietnamese Supermarket recommendations - looking for Pepper Sa-te Sauce!


I need Vietnamese Supermarket recommendations, anywhere in the City. I live in Jackson Heights, but love trolling Asian supermarkets throughout the city.

Specifically, what I am looking for is Pepper Sa-Te sauce, Huy Fong of Sriracha sauce fame made a Pepper Sa-Te sauce, but stopped 10 or more years ago.

I still have a half bottle I treasure and dole out sparingly...

After 10 years of hunting throughout NYC, I found a similar sauce of in all places, Easton, PA, where my wonderful Aunt Selma lives.

There in the Viet Hoa Oriental Grocery Store ( at 427 Northampton Street, Easton, PA 18042, 610-515-9935), I found Tia Chieu Sa-Te made by Vi Hao Food Co. It has a blue lid, and a unicorn on the insignia. Typical plastic container, with a wide flat lid, like what Huy Fong's non-squeeze bottle products come in.

But Easton is the only place I have found this. Until a few months ago there was no joy on the net, but recently stores in California have begun to offer Pepper Sa-te Sauce on line, but it's expensive to ship liquids, and spillage is possible.

Any suggestions for a good Vietnamese grocery, anywhere in The City?


Ken Jacowitz

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  1. I'm in Rhode Island and I've been buying the Tia Chieu Sa-Te pepper sate for years. It's in almost every southeast market I go to. It's in a glass container with a gold colored lid. Packed by Anhing Corp. L.A. Their fax number is 323-221-7420. Try them to get a location
    Good Luck, it's good stuff!

    1. i like the grocery on mulberry, right hand side of the street if you are walking south of canal towards columbus park. almost near the end, next to the butcher. produce out front but tons of dry goods inside. you just might get lucky!

      1. I don't know if they have what you're looking for but there's a relatively big Vietnamese grocery store Tan Tin Hun, on the east side of the Bowery just south of Grand. Also a smaller store around the corner on Grand, east of the Bowery.

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          Tan Tin Hung definitely has sa-te. It's not like how my mama makes it but what I like to buy is called Maesri ground chilli in soya bean oil---a lot of sa te isn't exactly called that and termed ground chili in oil, but that's what it is. I find maesri to have a lot of fire, which is what i prefer.

        2. I have been hunting down Pepper Sa-Te since I ran out. I always kept extra bottles in stock. I Tried the Vi HAO Food Co sa-te side by side and it's close enough to keep me happy. Only thing now the Atlantic Market in Danbury, CT stopped carrying and I am freaking out. I will tray calling Easton PA - THANKS FOR THE LEAD!