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Sep 13, 2009 10:28 AM

Hyat's Kitchen, North Hollywood, Great Lebanese

Tucked away in the corner of a strip mall there is a wonderful restaurant serving tasty lebanese food.

The restaurant was recommended to me as being authentic Lebanese food, what you would get at someone's home. I'm not Lebanese, so I can't vouch for that. What I can vouch for is that the food was delicious!

Its a small restaurant with a small kitchen, but what they turn out if anything but. You order at the counter, and they bring it to your table, its a more casual restaurant which gives it a nice homey feel. There is a nice variety so that everyone should be able to find somethign to their liking.

We settled for the Lahm Mashwi which is skewers of filet with peppers and tomatoes and the shish tawook which is chicken breast skewers. Both were delicious, tender pieces of meat, nicely marinated and served on a plate with salad, hummus and the most delicous rice pilaf! Normally I don't eat the pilaf at most middle eastern restaurants, because its not worth the calories. This reminded me of the homemade pilaf my armenian aunt serves.

I definitely want to go back because there are lots of tasty items on the menu. The owner has been in the restaurant biz for awhile and he is good at it.

This place has only been around 5 months, I hope they are around for years to come. There is a patio area with seating outside, which will be nice when the weather cools down. Its located towards the back corner of the restaurant, you can't even see the street when you are in there.

They also do catering.

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  1. Here are some photos of the menu and my meal

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    1. re: LisaN

      Darnit LisaN.I've been sitting on this place for 3 months and hadn't put up the review yet. Thanks for putting this amazing little place on the map, you're the first.

      Have to say that I find myself here more often than Skaf's. Sacrilege? Well. give it a try.

      It's absolutely home cooking, Hayat is the chef and her baker husband makes the most amazing finger baklavas.

      I love Hayat's Kitchen.

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        Sorry! Someone told me to go about a month ago, and I finally did and wanted to share the yummyness! I want this place to stay around!

        I agree on the baklava, it skipped my brain while I was writing (I don't know how, I thought about how good it was for days afterwards)

        This weekend someone told me to next time get the chicken wings and the hummus with meat.

        1. re: LisaN

          We need this place to stay around for sure. I'm going with a small group tomorrow evening. The kibbe nayeh(raw meat) and the foul mudammas(fava and garbanzo beans) are killer.

          The grilling here is top notch.

      2. I've never eaten there, but this topic deserves some info:

        11009 Burbank Blvd.
        Suite 117
        North Hollywood, CA 91601
        (818) 761-4656