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Sep 13, 2009 10:24 AM

Excellent Middle Eastern in Santa Clarita

My favorite place to eat in Santa Clarita is now Manoushee. I've been there at least a dozen times, and each time the food is excellent, consistent and fresh and homemade.

Its a small place with a few tables inside and out, that has a variety of items that make a light, refreshing lunch or dinner, and some terrific bakery items as well.

They have 2 terrific wrap sandwiches, roasted chicken with garlic sauce and beef shwarma. Both sandwiches are so good, that I have a hard time deciding which to get when I go! Both are served on their fresh pita bread which they make there. They don't bake your piece of pita until you order your sandwich! Once you've tried their pita, you won't ever want to eat the stuff from the supermarket again.

They also have other items like hummus, tabouli, boreg (which are like turnovers) lamajoun (thin pizza type items) and the best vegetarian grape leaves.

Most times when I go to get a sandwich, I get some hummus, tabouli grape leaves and bread to eat for lunch the next week. My intent is to eat lunch all week on what I get, but everything is so delicious, I've usually finished it by Wed, because I end up eating it for dinner as well!

They also have a wonderful variety of sweet items, baklava, date cookies as well as fruit filled cookies and fruit filled tarts.

The women owners are so nice, and will let you sample most everything so that you can taste something new in case its something you aren't familiar with. So far, I haven't tried anything I haven't liked.

They can also do large quantities if you are having a party or gathering, and it makes it a nice change of pace to serve something so delicious and homemade.

If you live in Santa Clarita, you should definitely try it, the food is fantastic and so fresh, there isn't anything else like it.

Its in a strip Mall near Costco, if you take the Sierra Highway exit from the 14, you go straight across. Its in a building in the parking lot in the same strip mall that is near chi chis pizza and Telly's
27131 Sierra Hwy
Canyon Country, CA 91351

(661) 251-6666

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  1. Thanx for the tip Lisa - I live right across the way and pass it every morning. I'll have to give it a try, soon. :) KQ

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      They have sandwiches with eggs too for breakfast, they are one of the only things I havent' tried yet.

      1. re: LisaN

        Lisa - You got me so excited. My S.O. has a late night so, I opted for Manoushee. Got off the hwy and went across. BUMMER! They close at 2P on Monday's. I'll try in the morning. They OPEN at 7A! Cheese Borek for breakfast is the ticket for me.

        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          I didn't know they closed at 2 on Mondays, I knew they did on Sunday. So sorry! You will have a delicious breakfast tomorrow! Get some stuff to take with you for lunch! I hope you like it as much as I do!

    2. Thank you Lisa. I will give them a try.

      1. Hi Lisa,
        I finally tried Manoushee yesterday based on your recommendation. I loved it. Went with two other people and we tried the meat turnover (wonderful spice) the spinach turnover, the beef shwarma, the tabboleh (sp?) and the hummus. My favorite was the shwarma but I really enjoyed everything we ordered. The the employee (owner?) brought us a complimentay sampling of their sweets. All really good and very kind of her. We all really enjoyed are meal and even ordered more to take home to family members. Just to note, this really is a more a bakery than a sit down restuarant. I expected it to be more like a cafe. I probably wouldn't dine in again, but would take their delicious food to go.

        Thanks Lisa for the recommendation.

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        1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

          I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now I want to go! Might have to make a trip this week!