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Sep 13, 2009 10:22 AM

Philly to Norfolk

I'll be driving from the Philadelphia area to Norfolk for business very soon. Are there any "musts" that I should try along the way? Also, I will most likely be dining alone in Va. so I presfer to sit at a bar. Any welcoming spots I should try?

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  1. I guess it would depend on where you are staying in the area. The Norfolk area is really made up of a cluster of 7 cities regionally. I'd focus on good seafood around here. In downtown Norfolk, there are plenty of restaurants / bars along Granby street in the McCarthur Mall vacinity. I don't really have a favorite down there. If you get on I-264 east, it will dead end at the Virginia Beach oceanfront area which will also have plenty of restaurants / bars. I like a place called Tautog's because the food is good and reasonable. They also have their own parking which is a big plus at the beach. This time of year there are lots of weekend things to do down at the beach. The city of Virginia Beach is trying to create a new VB downtown area called town centre (sp) near Independence Blvd. and Va. Beach Blvd., and there are several high end chain restaurants in that area. ( pf changs, ruth's cris, gordon biersch, etc.) If you want high end fine dining, then try Steinhilber's which is also near the town centre area at the end of Thalia Road. It is probably the oldest and most established fine dining in the area. If you know what part of town you'll be in, then I can be a little more specific. Have fun.